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not enough infobut e.f.i. cars and some late model carbs are equiped withidle contol moters. some times un pluging i.a.c. will helpduring power ballance test.if you are working on a lt1 or later model it is best tounplug the fuel injectors.

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Q: Why when you pull off the plugs on the distributor the engine does not rev down on a Corvette 350?
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Can anyone tell me why my 1974 Corvette won't fire even after I've replaced the plugs and wires the condensor the rotor and distributor cap and the condensor?

On a 74 Corvette, there is a primary coil inside of the distributor that is usually the cause. I would assume that the engine turns over, but no fire. While you have the distributor apart, you might as well replace the secondary coil, located under the distributor plate too, because if this is the problem, you would have to tear the whole thing down again to fix it, and the parts do not cost that much.

Can spark plugs be changed while the engine is hot?

No. The differential heating will probably lock the plugs in place until the engine cools down.

What is the part the distributor is bolted down to 5.7 engine?

The intake manifold.

Where are the spark plugs on 2003 Pontiac vibe?

They are above the cylinder. to find them fallow the distributor cap wires to the spark plugs There are no cap wires on the vibe, take the plastic cover off the top of engine. There are 4 coils in center of valve cover, remove them and the plugs are down in the holes where the coils came off.

Where is the ignition control module located on a 1981 corvette?

It is located underneath the distributor rotor. It is fastened down with two screws in the distributor housing. For the best access to it you will need to remove the following: spark plug wires from the distributor cap (be sure to label them for correct re-installation), distributor cap and distributor rotor.

Where is the oil pump located on Ford F150?

Imagine a straight line directly down from the center of the distributor. The oil pump is in the bottom of the engine and straight down from the distributor.

Where are the plugs at for a 2000 E-150?

It depends on what kind of engine you have if you have a vortec engine the plugs are under the coil packs you will need to remove the coils first and then the plugs are exposed down inside the engine. If you have a regular V8 then the plugs are located at the end of the ignition wires the wires go from the distributor cap down to each spark plug remove the wires one at a time and change each plug one at a time and replace the wires every-time you replace a spark plug so that you don't mix up the firing order by putting the wires on the wrong spark plug

Where are the spark plugs in a Kia Spectra 2006?

You will have to remove the cover that is on top the engine. You will find the plug wires there. You must remove the bolt that holds down the plug to the engine. The plugs are located deep down in the holes.

How do you remove a distributor on a 1976 Ford 302?

Assuming you have set the engine to #1 TDC and marked the position of the distributor and the position of the rotor, remove the distributor hold-down clamp and it's bolt, then pull the distributor up and out.

Where are the engine drain and water jacket plugs located on a 1998 Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine?

down below on both sides of engine!!

How do you remove a distributor in a Chevy 216 engine?

Ist is a simple process. Simply remove the vacuum line to the advance mechanism, then remove the bolt that hold it down to the block. (Just to the left) Then lift the distributor from the engine. (Carefully allow the distributor to rotate a bit as you pull straight out.)

Which way do you turn the distributor on a ford 302 to advance the timing?

Loosen the distributor hold-down bolt. Standing in front of the vehicle looking at the engine turning the distributor clockwise advances the timing. Turning the distributor counter-clockwise is retarding the timing. Hold the distributor steady while tightening the hold-down bolt. Factory hold-down bolt needs a 1/2 inch wrench.

Does the magnet on the distributor shaft slide off?

The distributor will need to be removed. The magnet is permanently attached to the distributor shaft and the shaft is held in place by a roll-pin thatpasses through the distributor drive gear on the bottom side of the distributor. Magnet on top, gear down in the engine, distributor shaft and housing in the middle.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1976 Corvette?

Driver side front of the engine. Just follow the fuel line from the carb down to it.

What could be pulling the battery down in 1981 Corvette?

what could be pulling the battery down in a 1981 corvette

What causes 2003 Corvette headlight not to go down?

what causes 2003 corvette headlight to not go down

How do you setdistributer?

On the compression stroke, bring number one cylinder up to TDC (Top Dead Center). Drop in distributor so rotor lines up with number one on the cap. Fasten distributor hold down clamp so that it is snugbut you can still rotate the distributor. Start engine andwith the use of a timing light set the timing to whatever specs the engine calls for. Tighten distributor hold down clamp.

Where are the glow plugs located on a 1985 Ford F-250 with a 6.9 diesel engine?

In general, glow plugs will be in just about the same place as sparkplugs in a gasoline engine. They stick down through the head.

1970 Chevy Impala the timing chain and gears are right and the plugs ARE firing but it just won't start?

My first guess would be you have the distributor in wrong. Give it a little shot of gas (prime it) down the carburetor and see if it tries to run at all. If nothing, gotta be the distributor is off. Put the engine at TDC (top dead center) and re-set it.

How do you let the top down on a 2001 Corvette?

To let the top down on a 2001 Corvette you will need to go where the windshield meets and then, and then you would want to pull down all of the latches. This should let your 2001 Corvette top down.

How do you adjust timing with a distributor cap that has latches holding it stationary?

The timing for this type of distributor is set by rotating the entire distributor, not just the cap. The distributor should have a lock down bolt holding it down where it sets in a housing. With the engine NOT running, mark the original position of the distributor with a marker or some white paint. Then you loosten the hold down bolt a little, then see if you can turn the entire distribuor very slowly just a little bit. If it turns a little, then you can hook up your timing light paying attention to the cautions and warnings in the instructions for the timing light or the auto manual being used to set the timing. You start the engine, and slowly turn the entire distributor left or right until the desired timing is reached. Turn off the engine, then tighten the distributor back down. That's pretty much it in a nutshell!

Where is the right motor mount located on an 86 corvette Thanks?

== == On the passenger's side of the engine down near the bottom mounted to the frame.

How do you install mopar small block distributor?

get #1 cylinder on top dead center and then put the distributor rotor bug a hair before the #1 plug wire on the distributor and drop in down into the engine and all should be fine.

Your 1989 Ford econoline has a coolant leak under the engine are there freeze plugs or something that would make it leak from there?

there are freeze plugs on side of engine if the leak is at the front, check to see if coolant is leaking from water pump and running down to bottom of engine

Where are the spark plugs located in a 1984 caprice?

depending on the engine size they will be located in the sides of the heads. look for a rotor cap and 6 or 8 big wires, depending on the engine, then foller them rihgt down to the spark plugs.