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Why when you pull off the plugs on the distributor the engine does not rev down on a Corvette 350?


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2011-09-13 17:04:56
2011-09-13 17:04:56

not enough infobut e.f.i. cars and some late model carbs are equiped withidle contol moters. some times un pluging i.a.c. will helpduring power ballance test.if you are working on a lt1 or later model it is best tounplug the fuel injectors.


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On a 74 Corvette, there is a primary coil inside of the distributor that is usually the cause. I would assume that the engine turns over, but no fire. While you have the distributor apart, you might as well replace the secondary coil, located under the distributor plate too, because if this is the problem, you would have to tear the whole thing down again to fix it, and the parts do not cost that much.

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No. The differential heating will probably lock the plugs in place until the engine cools down.

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They are above the cylinder. to find them fallow the distributor cap wires to the spark plugs There are no cap wires on the vibe, take the plastic cover off the top of engine. There are 4 coils in center of valve cover, remove them and the plugs are down in the holes where the coils came off.

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It is located underneath the distributor rotor. It is fastened down with two screws in the distributor housing. For the best access to it you will need to remove the following: spark plug wires from the distributor cap (be sure to label them for correct re-installation), distributor cap and distributor rotor.

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Imagine a straight line directly down from the center of the distributor. The oil pump is in the bottom of the engine and straight down from the distributor.

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