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It was probably burned as a data disk rather than a music disk. Try burning the CD at a lower speed.

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Q: Why will a burned CD play on a computer but not in a car?
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Will my car CD player also play CD's that I've burned on my computer?

This depends on your headunit, most factory head units in older cars will not, many aftermarket and newer car headunits will play burned cd's

Why my CD i burned from computer work on the computer but don't work on my CD player?

You may have burned it in the wrong format which your cd-player may not be able to play. You could have also burned it on a type of disk that your cd-player is unable to read for example lets say your cd-player only plays CD-R and you are using a CD+R

Can I get a Car Cd player that will play MP3's burned onto CD-r?

There are plenty of car CD players that will do that. Look for MP3/WMV text on the corners of the CD player.

Why the burned CD is not working in the car stereo?

The most obvious reason is because you burned the CD incorrectly.

What kind of format will a CD play in your car CD player?

Depends on the model of CD player... some can only play audio CDs and burned CDs with .wav files... others will have MP3 playback.

You burnt a CD and it plays on the computer But it wont play in the car and when you put the CD in the car it says Disk Format How do you make it play in the car?

It depends on how good your car stereo is, some just can't play anything home made.

Can a CD player play burned cds?

most of the newer CD players can play burnt cds

What is required to play music CD on computer?

programming can be require to play music cd on computer

How do you get a car CD player to play CDs?

If you just copy MP3 files to a CD, then this is a data CD meant to work in a computer, it will not play in a regular CD player. You need to use a special burning tool to burn it specifically as an audio CD not a data CD.

Why does a CD say no disc in the CD player after it was played on a computer?

Sometimes the encoding on a CD is in different formats. It is possible that if it is burned/made on a computer that it will have different encoding that the kind used in CD players.

Can you play burned CD after Subscription in Xbox enter net?


Can a CD player play Cd-r and CD-roms?

They can play Cd-r's , example : a Cd-r that was copied & or burned from a pc. But , They can not play CD'S / software CD's (made) for a pc. jkvssc

Can CD player play mp3?

A CD player cannot play mp3 files. However, mp3 music can be burned onto a CD-R and played on a CD player.

Why can't i listen to a CD on an other player burned on media?

i burned a CD using windows media player, but can't play it on another player

How do you play FIFA 11 on computer without CD?

you can't play fifa 11 on your computer without or within cd

Why wont your Mitsubishi eclipse play burned cds?

Probably because the CD wasn't burned right

What kind of CD will play in a car?

CD-rom are typical, DVD roms will play also in some car cd players if the car has the capabilities (it will just play without video unless you have a dvd player).

When burning a CD why can't you burn again onto the CD?

A CD has a certain amount of memory and is blank until something is loaded or burned on it. When a program or file is burned on the CD, the CD no longer acts as a memory space but as a readable file. Every time that disc gets put in another computer, it will be read for the file that was burned on it.

How do you play MP3 on Toyota Echo car radio?

You can purchase a wireless FM transmiter. the package comes with instructions easy to follow. If you have your MP3s burned to a CD built-in radio will play them

What CD can be used to burn from computer to play back on CD walkmans?

Cd-R or Cd-RW

Difference between mp3 CD and audio CD?

An audio CD is the kind you buy in the store. Some store-bought albums have extra content, but you buy it because it plays the music you want to hear through your CD player of choice--in your car, in your boombox, etc. An audio CD conforms to certain specifications so that CD players from as long ago as the 1980s will be able to play them.An MP3 CD is a CD burned as data. Unless you have a CD player that specifically boasts about its ability to play MP3 CDs, an MP3 CD will not play in your car, in your boombox, etc.

What would cause error 20 CD message on a 1997 Buick Le Sabre it will play store bought cds but not audio cds burned from the computer?

You may be burning your CD`s in the wrong format....

How do you burn mini DVD to PC?

you burn the cd with a match and put it with your computer there it is burned

Will a CD RW play in the car?


Why are CD-ROMs usually bought with data already?

That's the definition of a CD-ROM, a CD burned with computer data, as opposed to blank CDs such as CD-R or CD-RW.