Why will a car start but only run a few seconds?

Anyway, is you fuel gauge hooked up when you run it? If so is it in spec?

Is your spark tester hooked up?


Okay, Spark is eliminated, the only 2 things left are compression or fuel.

By the way, the check engine light may or may not have anything to do with the no start.

Turn the key in the "run" position and listen for the fuel pump. IF you don't hear it, open the door to the fuel cap and have someone else cycle the key-don't crank it. The pump should hum. IF it doesn't, proceed with the following:

Access the throttle body. spray some starting fluid or other combustible liquid of a similar nature in it breifly while someone cranks the motor. If it seems to want to turn over and run, pulse the starting fluid into the throttle bore enough to keep it running... or not.

If it runs, you are lacking fuel. If it doesn't make a difference, it may be compression.

If you heard the pump run, then still follow the procedure with the starting fluid, un you can see fuel getting into the throttle bore when cranking.


check you ignition switch,check spark, fuel pump, voltage regulator,pick up coil in dist,


Sounds like a Pass-key problem 2 me...


It could also be a vacuum leak or related air problem. You might want to have the mass air flow sensor tested just in case, you can do it yourself or have an auto parts dealer do it. I know Auto Zone does testing for free, I use them every time.