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Anyway, is you fuel gauge hooked up when you run it? If so is it in spec?

Is your spark tester hooked up?

AnswerOkay, Spark is eliminated, the only 2 things left are compression or fuel.

By the way, the check engine light may or may not have anything to do with the no start.

Turn the key in the "run" position and listen for the fuel pump. IF you don't hear it, open the door to the fuel cap and have someone else cycle the key-don't crank it. The pump should hum. IF it doesn't, proceed with the following:

Access the throttle body. spray some starting fluid or other combustible liquid of a similar nature in it breifly while someone cranks the motor. If it seems to want to turn over and run, pulse the starting fluid into the throttle bore enough to keep it running... or not.

If it runs, you are lacking fuel. If it doesn't make a difference, it may be compression.

If you heard the pump run, then still follow the procedure with the starting fluid, un you can see fuel getting into the throttle bore when cranking.

Answercheck you ignition switch,check spark, fuel pump, voltage regulator,pick up coil in dist, AnswerSounds like a Pass-key problem 2 me... AnswerIt could also be a vacuum leak or related air problem. You might want to have the mass air flow sensor tested just in case, you can do it yourself or have an auto parts dealer do it. I know Auto Zone does testing for free, I use them every time.
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Q: Why will a car start but only run a few seconds?
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Why dont your heater stay on when you start your car?

Because the car needs all the power it can get to start so you heater and maybe radio cut out for a few seconds.

How do start a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser when you run out of gas?

Put gas in the tank, and start cranking. Should start in a few seconds.Put gas in the tank, and start cranking. Should start in a few seconds.

Why does the fan stay on after the car has only been on a few seconds?

because the electricity is to strong and ithas to get red of it some how

How do you reset or unarm the immobilizer on a Renualt Clio?

You do this by locking the car with the remote, leave it a few seconds then re-open and start the car after the red light has gone out on your dash.

Why does your car starter click with keys out?

i have a 2007 chevy only has 17000 miles on it. i had a remote car starter put in a year and ahalf ago. i never had a problem. now when i start my car it makes a clicking noise.the noise goes away after a few seconds and i can still drive the car.

Your 1999 dodge stratus ran out of gas and when you put more in it would not start what could be wrong?

The fuel pump only runs for a couple seconds after the initial start attempt, then shuts off. Crank the engine for a few seconds. Then turn it off and then do it again for a few more seconds. Do this several times in order to get the fuel to the engine. After a few attempts, the engine should start.. Hope this helps...

Why does car engine run on for a few seconds after turn the car off?

the timing is off

Why does your car start and then after a few seconds the battery light comes on and then it dies?

Have you thought the alternator may be bad? Sounds like an electrical short. Check ground wires throughout the car

Why wont a 1986 CRX start or run for more then a few seconds?

Is there gas in it? if it runs for a few seconds make sure there is fuel in it

Does a computerized fuel injection raise the rpm when starting the car or only when the engine is cold?

Depending on the car and the year many current vehicles run for a few seconds at fast idle even on hot start to activate the pollution control devices in the exhaust system

How do you tell if your car needs the fuel injector replaced?

I had a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am I found out that the injector needed to be replaced when the car would start for only a few seconds and the die out abruptly. The injector would only spray enough fuel into the throttle body in order to start it then would stop, the injector was located in the middle and above the throttle body making for an easy repair.

Why wont your car start first thing in the am but is fine all day after the first start?

try to ON or wait the heater first for a few seconds, then start the engine for diesel engine and gasoline engine. specially in cold country.

How many quarts of oil does a 89 Firebird 5.0L hold?

5 quarts. If your not sure how much a car takes, start with 4 then start the car for a few seconds if you replaced the oil filter, then check the level. If its still low add more.

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Jimmy 1998 won't start only by using short spurts of the starter or hook to a battery chager for a few seconds and will start?

Umm, check the battery, it's probably bad.

Do you need to wait a few seconds to drive after you start the car?

yes. You usually need a few minutes to let the oil circulate in the engine. If you dont , the first few minutes of driving might wear the moving parts that the oil is meant to protect.

My 1990 Chrysler Lebaron Convertable will start howevr it will only run for a few seconds and then dies If you pump the gas pedal it will run but backfires I am leaning toward the timing belt?

lock the car with the fob or use the button on the door. Close the car and unlock the car with the key on the drivers door and it should work. You will have to do this every time you unhook the battery

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Would a catalytic converter cause your car not to start?

If the cat was totally blocked, the engine may start and run briefly for a few seconds. If the cat was partially blocked the engine would run but lack serious power.