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if the girl he is with is being nasty or treating him badly for no reason that's acceptable, or if she is talking about an ex or another guy she thinks is cute just to get back at her boyfriend.


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be upfront and just tell him but to avoid conflict with his girlfriend do it in private

Tell your friend to like another guy and make the dude brake up with the girl.

then the guy will tell the girl yes he has heard of another guy...

it means that the guy or girl is with another guy or girl at the same time that they are with you

It depends on how much he likes his girlfriend. The guy can not like his girlfriend at all, thus he will like another girl.

Become friends with him and then try to flirt without giving it away. If he notices what you are doing and tells you he has a girlfriend then you can't. If he doesn't tell you he has a girlfriend or if he asked you out he likes you.

tell him u are willing to be the girl on the side. But really if the guy has a girlfriend already why not try and like some one else.

You should tell him that you cannot be with a man who's with another girl and hurt someone else like that i mean get real.

if you really mean she like another guy .. she is not "your" girl.. do everything you are scared of.. leave her and get to other girls..

She looks more at the guy than you. Check her phone.

First, did your boyfriend tell you this dream? If so, howdid he tell you the dream. I am a guy. If I dreamed that my girlfriend and another guy was together, it would be because I fear losing her. This idea would have probably started if I had seen my girlfriend with another guy (possibly often) and I happen to be jealous. That's the best I could tell you.

you ask her if she likes the guy if so - break up time if not - froget about the guy

he secretly goes out with the other guys girl

It depends, if the guy always talks about the girl, looks at her, smiles, and always wants to speak to her.

You tell him that his girl friend is cheating on him with your ex and tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with your bestfriend. That will absolutely work out.

He pays more attention to you than his girlfriend and try's to impress you

It's ok for a girl to go to a dance with a guy but if the girl likes the guy you may want to go to the dance with her not him!!!

Although a guy tells his girlfriend that a girl he was talking to is just a friend, some woman do not believe there boyfriend, or are still jealous of the other girl. So some guys will lie about talking to the girl so as not to upset there girlfriend.

yes, its just how guys are, however, it doesnt mean that he doesnt care about you or love you!

He doesn't. If he did he would be honest enough to get rid of the girl he has and ask you out. If he cheats on this girlfriend, he will cheat on the next one.

From one girl to another girl idk how the hell your going to tell him. Are you sure it can't be his?

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