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Why will both brake lights work when the tail lights aren't on but only one works when the tail lights are on?

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may have the wrong type bulb check to make sure bulb has two contact points.

2006-08-30 21:30:45
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What do you need to do if both your brake lights are out in the rear of your 1998 Ford Coutour but your rear window light works the fuse and both lights are good and the signal and driving light work?

your brake light switch is probably out

How do you fix the brake lights on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

It depends on the exact problem. If it's that both brake lights in the back do not work and the middle one works, it could be your turn signal switch.

Both the brake as well as headlights turn on when you turn on the lights on your 1997 Jetta GLS Brake lights stay on while driving What should you be doing?

are you sure it is the brake lights and not the tail lights. if it is the brake lights you most likely have a short some where. go to a auto eletrican It is the brake lights which turn on. Short in the switch or the wiring?

Are Jewish people atheist?

well they arent but I happen to be both... suprisingly it works :)

What is wrong when both my brake lights on my Mercedes slk 230 don't work?

Brake light switch near brake pedal

Why are the brake lights on a 96 ElDorado not working if the fuses and bulbs are good but the hazard lights are bad?

It needs checked out but both the hazard and brake lights go through the turn signal switch.

What would you guess is wrong if your brake and reverse lights on the drivers side dim when applying the brake and reverse but tail light works fine on a 97 dodge Dakota?

i do not confess to know about dodge Dakota (English) but the most common problem for dimming rear lights when the brake is applied is a poor earth to the rear light assembly, the earth connection works fine for rear lights but overloads when brake lights used. check the connection of the earth to the light unit and if necessary remove and clean the both ends of the earth wire.Answeryou have an earth problem, check the wire that connects to the body on that lamp

2006 Jeep Liberty both Stop lights not working?

Brake Lights not Stop Lights. Check your Fuses then the Bulbs. Hope This Helps.

Your left brake light does not work with headlights on but works with them off any ideas thanx?

i had the same problem and when i took the brake lights out and check the wire, it happend to be the ground was not connected, after i connected to the wall it work fine. to make it easier take both brake lights out, the whole light from the back, then look at all the wires on both side, if u see something diffrent then u problebly have ur problem

Why dont your brakes light work?

First check if bulbs and fuses are good and see if the back lights come on when you turn on the lights. If everything works and the bulbs and fuses are good then its most likely the brake switch on your brake pedal, its usually the only thing wired to the brake pedal. If its not that you might have a short somewhere but usually its either fuses or the brake switch, both are cheap and easy to change.

Both brake lights are out on 1991 Chevy Camaro where is fuse?

in the fuse box

Why do you have no brake lights when applying brakes?

Because something's wrong, of course. What it could be... bad switch, break/short in the wiring, bad fuse or relay, or even just bad bulbs.. chances are, your car uses dual filament bulbs for the brake lights, where they'll function as both marker lights (with one filament active) and brake lights (with both filaments energized).

Why does your tail lights work but not your brake lights?

Make sure both bulbs are good (dual filament bulbs) check the brake light switch on the brake pedal. Also, if you are wired for a trailer hitch, the 4-5 wire module may be bad. Eliminate it and check the brake lights again.

Why are both brake and abs lights are on?

ABS system is inoperable and there is something wrong with the non-ABS part of your brake system.

Brake lights work but when turn signal is on both brake lights go out?

Check and make sure you have the correct bulb. The turn signal/brake light is a dual element bulb and if you have a single element it does not work properly.

Where is the fuse box for a 2001 Suzuki XL7 and which fuse is for the fog lights?

for the tail lights all the other lights are working blanking lights brake lights and reverse lights but no tail lights on both side

Any ideas why both of 2003 brake lights do not work when you brake yet actual bulbs work and the fuse is ok?

Defective brake light switch.

Why does the third brake light work but not the others?

There could be a separate fuse for the lower brake lights , or maybe both lower brake light bulbs are burned out

Why do your blinkers work but not your brake lights?

Blinkers can work without brake lights. Brake lights are activated by a switch that is switched by the brake petal and the turn signals are acivated by your turn signal switch on your steering column. The two are two separate circuits. I suggest you check out the switch on your brake pedal to see if it is working properly. It must have 12 volts applied to one side when it is not acitvated and 12 volts should be on both sides when it is activated. When the 12 volts is on both sides of the brake switch, it should apply 12 volts to your brake lights and then they should come on.

Why When lights are on the right brake light wont work but when the lights are off both tail lights work?

Check the ground wire. You have a bad connection somewhere.

If you have brake lights and turn signals on a 1995 Ford Windstar but both taillights do not light and the bulbs have both been replaced what should be checked next?

check connections that are attached to the lights and the the wire that leads away from them incase they have been damaged, aslo check the fuse that works the lights and if all else fails see you nearest automobil repare shop

What does the turn signal have to do with the brake lights on a Denali?

im not familair with that make of vehicle but. the brake lights anf the signals are supposed to be separte. they both plug into a harness near the back of the vehicle. if your brake lights are working with your signals, you might have something crossed. take it to an expert you trusst and let them check it out.

My tail lights and third brake light work on my 98 Explorer the two main brake lights do not Already replaced the brake light switch and all fuses appear to be intact What next?

I hate to ask , but did you check the bulbs ? The tail light portion may work fine , but the brake lights don't if both of the bulbs are bad .

98 mountaineer outside brake lights and doorlocks stopped working 3rd brake light works but stays on blinking dimly even when car is off already changed brake switch?


Why do both daylight running lights go out and 10 amp fuse doesn't fix it?

The parking brake may be on or the switch is broken on the brake.