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When traveling home at night from a weekend camping trip, my wife noticed something glowing under the truck. It turned out to be my catalytic converter. My truck had been running poorly and I barely made it home. It turned out that one of my spark plug wires was bad (burned on the exhaust manifold) and was not firing properly. This caused unburned fuel mixture that was not burned in the cylinder to enter the converter where it would ignite and create the high temperatures, causing the converter to glow bright orange. I would say unburned fuel mixture entering your converter is causing the converter to overheat. A bad spark plug wire is only one of several causes of unburned gas. Others could be failing spark plug, stuck carburetor float, etc. Hope this helps.



It is possible but highly unlikely as a catalytic converter should NEVER go bad unless something causes it. If you have a check engine light "ON" then I would have someone with the knowledge and equipment to diagnosis it for you. It will save you alot of money. Either a very rich or lean condition will cause a converter to glow red and seem stopped up.jd1709

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Q: Why will catalytic converter turn red when car is running new Transmission was just installed?
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When do you have to replace a catalytic converter?

As long as the vehicle is kept in good running order the catalytic converter should last the life of the vehicle.

How many miles should a catalytic converter last?

They are built to last the life of the vehicle if the vehicle/engine is maintained properly. What destroys a catalytic converter is an engine that is not running right and is ignored.

Symptoms of bad catalytic converter 94 lumina?

Some symptoms of a bad catalytic converter on a 1994 Lumina are engine stalling, engine backfiring, no start of engine, and poor power pick up. If the catalytic converter has rust holes, the vehicle will also be very loud when running.

Does running out of gas affect the catalytic converter?

not really, as long as it is at the right temperature, it will not be affected

What is it when a Car stops running and smells like sulfur?

most likely your catalytic converter

Can a catalytic converter problem cause your car to stop running?

Yes if it is totally clogged.

You installed a new torque converter in a turbo 350 trans you did not put any oil in it will it fill itself by running and filling the transmission?

It might but keep a close eye on it.

1998 jimmy will run and go but after running for a while it won't accelerate?

It might be your catalytic converter.

What causes a backfiring in my 2006 civic?

You either removed the catalytic converter or you are running too rich.

Will a bad catalytic converter make car stop running?

Yes, if it is clogged very badly.

Is the oxygen sensor on a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant before or after the cat converter?

O2 sensors are usually on the exhaust manifold. Actually on the '96 Galant, one is in the header pipe (the pipe running below the engine between the manifold and the catalytic converter) and the other is in the catalytic converter.

Will a catalytic converter glow at night if it is bad?

If it is glowing red it is partially clogged or the engine is running rich.

What is wrong when catalytic converter is red hot and car cut off and it is making a clicking noise?

The converter is clogged or the engine is running way to rich or has a misfire.

What is the life expectancy of a catalytic converter on a 94 Honda Accord?

It should last the life of the car if you maintain the car as you should. Let the engine start running rich and do nothing to repair this condition and it will destroy the converter. But keep the engine tuned up and running as it should and you will never have to replace the converter. NEVER had a problem with my 1996 HONDA ACCORD engine and CATALYTIC CONVERTER needed to be replaced at 220,000 MILES.

99 windstar is running lean did diagnostic test said bank 1 and 2?

Bank 1 is the upper oxygen sensor(s) before the catalyst (catalytic converter) bank 2 is the oxygen sensor after the catalyst (catalytic converter)

Can a clogged catalytic converter cause running issues?


Why does my engine run rough when cold but not when warm?

The catalytic converter needs to warm up to a running temperature and various operation in the engine devote energy or fuel to this process. Once the catalytic converter has reached this "running temperature" it can easily maintain this temperature with the heated exhaust from the engine. One of the "warming up" components is malfunctioning, most likely the pre- or post injection of the fuel into the engine which is one of several methods of "warming up" your catalytic converter.

How important is a catalytic converter in a standard car?

To keep the car running - not at all. To minimize the amount of polluting exhaust - very.

What will happen if your car is running on three plugs?

You can do serious damage to the catalytic converter if the check engine light starts to flash.

Will a bad catalytic converter burn gas?

Yes, a faulty catalytic converter can cause fuel consumption to raise. Replacing a known bad catalytic converter will help, but keep in mind, the catalytic converter usually does not fail on its own. converters are pretty tough, living their lives running at 2000+ degrese internally. I would check your EGR valve and EGR valve tube for blockage or carbon build up. a faulty or clogged EGR valve will overtime distroy a catalytic converter. second thing to check is your Oxygen Sensors. these sensors are the computers first reading of bad fuel mixture, if they are clogged with carbon, they can distroy your EGR valve, which inturn kills your converter.

Why is the air conditioning fan still running when you turn off your car?

It's probably the catalytic converter fan; not the a/c fan.

Why will a lean condition cause a catalytic converter to turn red?

The catalytic converter usually has an Oxygen Sensor before and after the converter. The hot exhaust gases of the exhaust heat up a catalystic and the voltage is proportional to Oxygen. By measuring before and after the catalytic converter, you have a sense if the Catalytic converter is working correctly in cleaning up the exhaust. The exhast to be cleaned up correctly requires the PCM to sometimes run Lean fuel mixture, to clean up NOx, and sometimes Rich mixture to clean up HC (Hydrocarbons). So PCM cycles the fuel mixture between rich and lean many times in the process of driving, so that to get optimal efficiency of the catalytic converter. However, if you have a vacuum leak, your engine will run LEAN and the PCM will compensate and force it to run rich instead. After a while, by running rich too much, you are throwing unburned fuel into the exhaust pipe, causing Catalytic converter to become Red hot and causing it to fail. So in short, running Rich, not lean, can cause converter failure.

Can a 1996 Ford Taurus run without a catalytic converter where is the o2 sensor at?

Yes, the Taurus can run without the catalytic converter--it is not necessarily good for the engine, but disconnecting it will cause it to fail emissions testing. If you've seen the Honda Civics running around smoking like a factory, this is caused by no electrolytic converter. The O2 sensor could be in the exhaust pipe between the manifold and converter.

What would cause a 96 ford ranger to run rough and the catalytic converter to get red hot when the truck reaches op temp?

Clogged converter, running too rich or a misfiring plug.

Can a 2001 astro van lose power up hill by a bad catalytic converter?

yes it can you can usually tell if your converter is bad by two ways if your car is running and the converter gets red hot or if the car is cool and you hit the converter and here stuff raddle inside