Why will help not open on my iMac?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Why will help not open on my iMac?
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Where is the ''help'' tab on apple imac?

Every application and window you open will have a help tab in the menu on the top left of the screen.

How do you get online with iMac?

Open the Safari Browser once you are connected to the internet.

How do you open USB files in iMac?

Right-click the USB device when it appears on your desktop and then click open.

How do you remove a program from a iMac g5?

Open applications and drag the application to the trash.

How do you uninstall programs from iMac?

Simply open your applications and drag the program to the trash.

Is office software loaded on iMac?

No, the iMac does not come preloaded with Office. You can however get a great free office program called Open Office or Libre Office.

Can you view cntents of flash drive on an iMac?

Sure, just click the icon and then open.

How do you unlock a usb flash drive with a iMac?

Plug the flash drive into one of the iMac USB ports. An icon will appear on the desktop. Right click the icon and then click open. If it does not appear on the desktop open finder and look for the flash drive on the far left under devices. Click it and it will open.

How do you retrieve information off a USB drive on an iMac?

Plug the USB flash drive into your iMac. Wait for the icon for the drive to appear on your desktop. Right click the icon and then click open.

What happens when you plug flash drive into imac?

An icon will appear on the desktop. Double click to open it.

How do I access my existing hotmail account on an iMac computer?

Open Safari > go to hotmail > sign in.

How to take picture with imac os10.5.6?

Command > Shift 4 for a screenshot Command > Shift 3 for a predetermined screenshot. To take a photo with the iMac built in camera open Photo Booth in Applications.