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Similar problem with my 2002 Kia Sportage. Lever engages, dash light indicates 4WD but truck still in 2WD. Dealer checked out, told me "solenoid valve frozen" and needs replacement. .

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:43:00
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Q: Why will my 2003 150 4x4 ford not engage 4 wheel drive dash lite is on and shift lever moves ok fuses are ok drives same in 2 or 4 wheel engagement?
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What do you need to check if a 1990 Ford Ranger 4 wheel drive will not engage when you push the button?

Check the fuses. After that, check the plug-ins down below on the transfer case.

Why won't the 4 wheel drive engage after removing the battery for cleaning in a 2002 ford explorer I have checked the fuses relating to 4wd and found them to be fine?

Its a ford, found on road dead!

You are looking to buy a 1996 Chevy Blazer you are checking it out to make sure that mechanically nothing seems to be wrong you want to engage the 4-wheel drive and the buttoms will not do anything?

Check the fuses

Why does fan blower not work and compressor clutch will not engage fuses look good?

i think these is not a proper question i do not know

2001 B3000 electronic 4x4 shift wont engage 4 wheel drive also no 4x4 symbol on dashboard when vehicle started?

Make sure you lock the hubs if your vehicle has locking hubs. However, it sounds like a fuse, check your fuses. Kev.

Why can't i change my 1998 Chevy cavalier from park to drive?

check the fuses.

How can you check all possible fuses and relays that would cause the AC clutch not to engage on a 1993 Buick LeSabre?

First, the clutch won't engage if the refrigerant level is low. Start there. Next, check the sensor at the receiver/dryer.

Where are the fuses on a VW 1990 Golf?

I have found them myself ... my car is a right-hand drive car and the fuses are on the left-hand side, under the dashboard with a protective panel that opens down (protects the fuses from your feet etc)

My 1998 Camaro's AC compressor will not engage the fuses and relay are all good Any ideas?

This could be because you have a leak in you A/C system causing a loss of freon. When there is not enough freon in your system the A/C compressor will not engage, it will harm the compressor.

Is there a fuses for transmission and speedometer?

Yes it depends what kind of vehicle you drive as to where the fuse is located.

Cooling fans won't engage fuses and relays are good fan runs when wired direct any suggestions?

check the thermostat that runs the fan.

96 kia fails to start good battery good starter good fuses wont turn over or engage starter?

try the starter relay.

Ac switch 2002 Pontiac has three prongs which two do you jump to get clutch engage?

Dont jump them, its not a switch, its a transducer and you could wreck your pcm by jumping the wrong one. Run a power wire directly to your compressor to get the clutch to engage. If it doent engage then, it is your clutch. Remember to first check refridgerant level and fuses/relays. Good luck.

AC clutch in General Motors Montana does not engage fuses look good so does the relay and diode?

Probably low on freon. Jump the low pressure connector.

Why won't to Fuel pump will not engage on 1992 mustang?

check inertia switch and reset if needed if that doesnt fix it check fuses and relays and if they are ok get a new pump

Where is the diagnostic connector on Peugeot 207?

Its beside the fuses on the on the passenger side of a right hand drive car.

Where is the fuse for the 4 wheel drive at?

Depending on the year and make , the 4wd fuse is located were all your fuses are,

Where in the fuse panel on a 1999 F-150 is the daytime running light fuse?

Refer to owners manual. If not should be located under the hood in a black box drives side fender . The lid has a release and the main fuses are in there. Turn the lid over a map of the fuses is there

Where is the fusebox for a 1990 300zx?

Answer below is applicable for japanese/right hand drive models but may also apply to left hand drive. There are 3 places where you can find fuses. Engine fuses sit at the front of the engine bay on the passenger side. Interior/lighting/general fuses are located in the drivers side kick panel. Fusible links can be found at the rear of the engine bay on the drivers side.

Yamaha Ultramatic Kodiak 400 Quad is not engaging gear changes so what may be the probable causes?

Yamaha Ultramatic Kodiak 400 Quad is not engaging gear changes so what may be the probable causes? The 4x4 engagement button works. All fuses check are good. Does the 4x4 engagement unit need to changed out?

Why does Lexus sc400 air conditioner compressor clutch not engage but fuses are OK?

It's either low on charge, has bad wiring, needs a new pressure switch or needs a new clutch.

Where is the fuse for the windscreen wipers in a 1998 Fiat Punto?

The fuses are behind the small recess in the dashboard below and right of the steering wheel in right hand drive 55S. Remove the two crosshead screws at the top to remove this and reveal the fuses.

2003 Buick rendev keeps blowing fuses?

I have taken the buick in for repair- but it always works and does not fuses. WHen i drive it for a few days it will blow a fuse - always the same one - and will not start for an hour or more. I will change the fuse and then it may or may not start.

MDL vs ADL fuses?

The difference between MDL fuses and ADL fuses are that MDL fuses are a slow blow fuse with a long time lag. ADL fuses on the other hand, are normal blow fuses with a medium time lag.

What would be the first easy fix to warm air from ac?

check all A/C electrical connections, like the connector at the compressor.. make sure the compressor is trying to engage, should be an audible click when switched on, check fuses, also check pressure switch on coolant line.. it has a electrical connector on it also, and if coolant is low it will not let the compressor engage.