Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

Why will the blower motor not stop running on your 1992 98 olds?


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I have a 1991 Olds ninety eight equipped with "autolevelling" rear struts that are inflated with an onboard air compressor after each drive because the struts lose air slightly as you drive. So what you may be hearing is this compressor instead of the blower fan if your car has this option. The compressor is fairly loud and can easily be mistaken for a blower fan. It can mean trouble though, if it stays on for any longer than thirty seconds to a minute. I did not know it, but my struts were blown so the compressor would turn on after each drive and run for 30 minutes, which will eventually burn it out, if this is the case unplug the compressor immediately. So if your compressor is running longer than normal, your rear struts are likely done for.