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The locks are probably on a different circut than the sliding door. You might check the fuse box under the dash .I think it is in the number 2 spot to see if the fuse is bad. Check your owners manual. If that doesnt work the motor for the power door could be bad. Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2008-05-25 18:50:44
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Q: Why will the venture power sliding door unlock but not power open or closed?
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The power sliding door on a Chevy Venture will not open?

i have this same problem in my van so we figured out that you have to act like your going to open the door from the outside and then put up on the lock from the inside then it should open The door will not unlock from either side while closed. l think i mupst start by removing door panel but then what ?

Can the back quarter power windows be closed manually on a 2000 Chevy venture?

Not if they are electric windows.

How do you convert a manual sliding door with a power sliding door?

Sell the car without power sliding door , and buy one with.

How do you fix the power sliding doors on a 2005 Grand Caravan?

Can you give us some details? What's wrong with the sliding doors? Are they power sliding doors, or manual? power side doors and back lift gate are power. power sliding door not align

What is unlock code for Chevy Venture radio?

The unlock code for the radio in each vehicle differs from each van. You will have to go to a dealer to get your specific code by means of using you v.i.n. I think that is the answer that you are looking for. If it isn't and you just need an explanation what an unlock code is, when you loose power and reconnect power, the anti-theft is engaged. Therefor you loose your functions on the radio. To reprogram it you will need your unlock code to do so.

How do you replace power steering hose on 99 venture van?

how do you replace power steering hose on 99 chev venture

Why won't my 2001 ford windstar rear power sliding door unlock?

I had the same problem seems that the tumblers for the lock were seised up took it in to get it fix an was out in 15 mins.

On a 99 Chevy venture The power sliding rear door does not work how do you fix this?

I am having this same problem on my 98 venture. Except mine is stuck slightly open and the alarm is going off. I just turned the "Door Ajar" alarm and the interior lights off. But i would liek to fix this, too.

Is the power on if the circuit is open or closed?

Closed. If it is open then the power is off.

How do you fix the automatic sliding door on a 1998 Chevy Venture van so that it will stay latched when you shut it instead of it opening back up?

Turn off rocker switch on top console. This disengages power and at this point you can use door as a manual door. Clean the contacts of the door and door panel. You will see 8 metal contacts. Clean them with alcohol and the door will stay closed

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How do you get the trunk of a 1991 buick park avenue to close?

Remove the power trunk release, it may be stuck and holding the latch to the open position. I had same problem and found that if I use the key to unlock power lock then closed trunk - it worked.

97 venture how to remove power steering hose?

By pulling it of course

How much horse power does a Yamaha venture royale have?

98 hp

Where is the power sliding door module on a 2001 Toyota Sienna?

The Poer Sliding module is loctaed in the Right rear quarter panel. You will have to remove the trim to access it.

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They tend to do this if a door is not closed all the way. Check all doors. I have had this happen when my side door or rear hatch was not not closed all the way. Just open and close the doors. If it still continues, check the sensors on the doors.

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Can you still open power sliding doors if the power devise quits working?

Yes, the doors still have the mechanical linkages.

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How do you refill a Chevrolet Venture power steering reservoir?

You need to get a long hose funnel and insert in power steering fill.