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You need to check your dimmer switch it is bad or not plugged in correctly.

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Q: Why will your bright headlight indicator alternate properly between bright and dim but the headlights themselves stay on dim?
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What does it mean if the headlight symbol keeps blinking?

Turn on the headlights and walk to front of car and see if both headlights are on. Make sure to check both the high beam and low beam head lights. I believe that the blinking light you are seeing is to tell you that one of the headlight bulbs is burnt out and needing replacement. That's the Daytime running light indicator. Check that they are working.

1998 Yamaha fzr 600 lights not working?

Check the main headlight fuse. Check the start button, it interrupts power to the headlights. If the high beam indicator and the gauge lights are out it could be this switch.

What is the green dash light that looks like a high beam indicator on a 1992 Chevrolet 30 motorhome mean?

Should be the DRL (Daylight Running Light) indicator. Mandatory on Canadian spec passenger vehicles since 1988 and 1996ish for trucks. With the dash headlight switch off and the vehicle running, are the lights on? When you turn on the headlights does the indicator go out??

Why does your indicater go off when you brake with the headlights on?

what indicator my right one

Can you fit a vectra headlights of the year 2000 in a vectra of the 97 the vectra of 2000 the indicators come together with the headlight but the vectra of 97 came separate please help?

yes you can but you'll need to cut off the indicator locating bracket

1998 Pontiac Sunfire daytime running lights' it blinks inside the car goes off when i turn on the headlights but i don't have any highbeams?

Generally, a blinking DRL indicator on the dash means that there is a headlight burned out. Replacing them is cheap and easy.

I replaced the headlight in my 1993 Chevy S10 and now neither of the headlights work and the high beam indicator won't shut off how do I go about fixing this issue?

Probably have a "dimmer switch problem" The switch is mounted on the side of the steering column and can be replaced easily. Using a test light, 3 wires are at the switch. the wire coming down from the headlight switch that should be hot when headlight switch is activated. The other two are outputs which go to the high or low circuit of the headlights respectively.Easy to fix with a 12 volt test light for troubleshooting.

What does it mean when your headlight turns redish when on on a 2009 jeep Cherokee?

On a vehicle with high intensity discharge headlight, hid, that is an indicator of a failing bulb.

Where is the full beam headlights on an x reg vauxhall corsa?

Push the indicator stalk forward

Where is the dimmer switch on a 1971 Volkswagen Van?

Headlight dimming can be achieved by lifting the indicator switch gently up, if the headlights don't respond you have a problem. *WARNING do not take the switch apart, they are extremely hard to put back together, and are hard to find should you break it further*

How do I put Ford Fiesta headlights onto main beam?

pull the indicator stick towards you normally

Where is the horn on a Vauxhall sintra?

Behind the near side front indicator unit. Take out the headlight and the indicator with the three wing nuts/screws and you have access to the horn unit there.

What is wrong if the low beam on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire headlight does not work?

Change the headlight it is burned out. It is also possible that the headlight/turn signal switch on the steering column is burned out. If both of your headlights are new and the low beams still do not work, check this switch. (I just replaced mine for $40 Cdn.) Could be a broken wire too. Check under the battery, that's where mine broke off. I am having the same prob. with my 97 sunfire. my daytime running lights do not turn on nomaly and the highbeam indicator is always on. when i turn my highbeams on all the lights go out. if i have my low beams on and i turn my left signal on the indicator light will flash along with my left turn indicator. i am asuming it is a short in the wiring. i will have to check. Make sure that your just not noticing it. It took me awhile to realize that when the car is in drive, the headlights come on automatically. I thought they were broken. Check that before you spend alot of money.

You just bought a 2001 acura 32cl type s and the road lampsfog lights do not turn on when you turn on the headlights How do they work what should you do?

The fog lights are controlled by a separate button next to the cruise control and sun roof. If the indicator light is on, the fog lights will be activated with the headlight switch.

How do you adjust the headlights on a 1991 Honda accord?

There should be a switch on the indicator stork. It's the same as a Rover 213.

Can anyone advise meaning red light to right of headlight indicator - round circle with radiant lines looks like a child's drawing of a sun?

High beam indicator.

What is the High beam indicator?

It is generally a small blue light that illuminates in the dash cluster notifying you that your high beam headlights are on.

How do you remove the headlights Mitsubishi Express?

For 1981 - 1982 model (may work on newer models) proceed as follows: First undo the two screws in the indicator/parking light lens and remove the lens and the body of the indicator/parking light which has the two bulbs in it. Then you will see two square plastic blocks where the screws screw into. On the backs of these block are two legs. Squeeze the legs together and push the blocks forwards to remove them. Then the headlight/parking light/indicator surround will be loose. Tilt the outside edge of the surround forwards and then pull it to the outside of the vehicle. It will then be removed. The headlight is held in with three screws with springs behind the headlight assembly. You will notice that there is a hole with a slot next to/under the screw head. Do not turn these screws with a screwdriver, as they adjust the headlight aim. Push on the headlight and rotate it until the screw heads drop through the hole. Disconnect the wires to the headlight. by removing the plug. Remove the sealed beam from the assembly by undoing the 3 or 4 screws on the outside of the ring. Reassembly is reverse of above. (Don't forget to connect the plug!)

What does the symbol on my car dashboard mean its oval with dashes above like a hedgehog?

I believe that is the High Beam headlight indicator.

How do you reset lamp indicator light on dash after headlight is replaced-2000 Windstar?

It will reset itself the next time the van is started. A system test is performed at each startup, and when the headlight properly reports itself fit and ready for duty, the indicator will not be activated - UNLESS - there is another lightbulb that is burned out. Rule of thumb: if one light burns out, its other-side-of the-car brother is likely to be ready to burn out too. I've learned to be pro-active and replace in pairs - and yes, even the darned headlights do it too... Try disconnecting the battery for about 5 minutes. This will sometimes reset the computer.

1988 Toyota pickup with no low beams and only High beams when the switch is pulled forward Also the high beam indicator is always on when turning the headlights on yet no lights are actually on How ca?

First double check the bulbs to be sure they are good then I would suspect the high/low beam switch or the headlight switch is at fault.

How do you remove the headlights to get to the indicator lights of a 99 riviera?

come to me and call 888 and you tell me how you want it and it cost only few millions of dollors

What does the flashlight indicator light mean on dodge charger?

It means that your fog lights are on - which should only happen when your headlights or at least parking lights are on.

Are dashboard lights and indicator lights the same thing?

no. however your indicator lights are located in your dashboard. dashboard light will light up when you turn your headlights on. Ex. the lights that are illuminated behind your miles per hour needle or behind your fuel gauge. Your indicator light are a lights that come on when your first turn the ignition. these lights indicate when your oil needs to be changed or your fuel is low or your washer fluid is low or the blue light that is illuminated when your headlights are on bright or high beam etc.....most newer model cars are equipped with the indicator lights. hope this is helpful.

How do you change the headlights on a Mitsubishi L300?

undo 3 Phillips head screws spread along bottom of black headlight casing(1 under indicator,1 under park light,1 under head light) then lift out whole unit....apply a little pressure to get it out as its held in by clips too....then half turn at back of casing where wires run in and headlight should just come out...change globe and reverse process.....take about 10 mins...