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I'm going to guess your answer is right there in your question, the car is overheating. Find the cause of the overheating and it might just fix your problem.

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Q: Why will your car start but shuts off after over heating?
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How come your ford escape car starter shuts off when you open the door?

If this is the remote start system, it shuts down the engine for security.

Your car shuts off after you jump start the car and take off the cables?

More than likely a bad alternator.

What is wrong if your car engine shuts off as soon as you start it?

1991 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

Why does a car engine need a radiator?

To keep the car engine from over heating

What does it mean when your car shuts off while driving and when you try to start it up it stays on for a second then shuts off again The car wont stay on until you hold the keys in the ignition.?

the ignition switch could be bad

What can you do if your car shuts off when temp is high?

fix the issue that's making it over heat

What can make a car smell like it is over heating?

If it is not actually over heating, then if the smell is outside the car, look for coolant leaks around the head and the thermostat cover. Inside the car could be a leaking heater coil.

What does it mean when your temperature light comes on?

your car is over heating

Thermostat replacement on a Buick Skylark?

If your car is over heating you may want to check your thermostat and replace it may solve your over heating problems

What is the function of a car fan?

The function of a car fan is to keep it from over heating and causing serious problems.

Plymouth breeze wont turn over but it cranks?

My car starts but it shuts off it says ck engine

Low car coolant?

Can result in freezing in the winter and over-heating in the summer.

91 Nissan Pathfiner and its over heating?

If your Pathfinder is over heating then you may have an issue with the coolant. You can try adding more coolant to ensure that your car is no longer over heating. You can also double check to make sure your blower is actually cooling your engine.

Why is car engine over heating?

that's because car was on too long. that's because car was on too long.

Is it possible for you to start your car if the heating coil is not working?

Yes, but there may be blockage in the cooling system which could cause your car to overheat.

What relay has to be changed for the car to start?

If the car turns over, gets gas and just will not start try the ignition module. CAR TURNS OVER

Car shuts off when turn signal is used?

A car that shuts off when the turn signal is used indicates a major short in the electrical system. When the turn signal is used, it cause a massive draw on the power and shuts it down.

1988 Lincoln town car will turn over in park but won't start will start in neutral AND MOVES IN DRIVE but shuts off when put in reverse?

I would replace the neutral safety switch; Buy it from the Ford dealer where they can print out the picture of it along with its location. I hope this helps you. Mark

Why will your car start and when you drive it for a while it just shuts off?

What kind of car? More than likely a bad alternator, could also be a bad distributor or other spark related parts.

Car starts then shuts off immediately?

There are several reasons why a car would start and then shut off immediately. It could be battery cables, a fuel problem, or even a bad spark plug.

Why when you turn your car on then it shuts its self off?

Well see it isn't that big of a deal you just should start it back it up and it should go!

Why wont my 1996 Monte Carlo start when the security light is on?

The security system shuts the whole car down so that it cant be stolen.

Anti car theft device?

a bait car shuts the robbers in when driving and then you can locate them

Does heating your car burn gas?

Usually heating is done by passing air over the hot engine so no extra fuel (gas/petrol) is used.

Why did my 2005 Chevy Malibu remote start quit working correctly now it start sometimes but shuts off within 1 or 2 seconds other times it won't even turn over what happened?

Sounds like an immobilizer issue. The car needs to see a certain resistance to start the vehicle and if this is not seen the fuel pump gets turned off or sometimes even the starter will not even turn over. The car thinks it's being stolen.