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Why will your summit not start no codes in the computer changed distributor current going to distributor no fire out?

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December 01, 2006 4:30PM

I have a 1991 Eagle Summit that just stalled out one day and would not start back up. Two years we played with this, switching out distributors, adjustments. No codes coming up on the computer and tno firing. Then I started making calls to parts shops and just about every parts person I spoke to said try the distributor. When I told them I did than they said it's the computer. What they have seen with these vehicles is that this problem is almost always caused by the distributor or computer. The dealerships and parts stores wanted too much for a computer- used (you don't know what you're getting)-rebuilt and new. I found this company in Texas that deals with rebuilding faulty vehicle computers. Prices are resonible and the company is terrific. They sent me a rebuild and I sent them my old one. The computer was installed and the vehicles, after being down for alittle over 2 years, started right up. The computer is Guaranteed for 1 year The company's website is: Hope this helps.