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Why won't computer recognize video card?

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Because you did not install the driver or the card was damaged.

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IF your computer has an AGP slot, put in a video card that is compatible with the game, install the necessary drivers, reboot with the monitor plugged into the new video card then go into BIOS and disable the on-board video card. You should now be able to use the game. If your computer does NOT have an AGP slot, you'll need to get another computer to run that game.

It might be that your webcam's USB is broken

No, changing your video card wont result in any data loss.

Try turning it off then back on with the sim card inserted

Well first of all, you dont add video ram to a video card. The ram is soldiered onto the video card. In order to upgrade your video ram, you will have to replace the video card. Doing so will benefit you in any 3-d applications (games) you run. If you arent much of a gamer, you probably wont benefit at all, if you are a gamer, a new video card can breathe a whole new life into your old computer.

Its a 4th gen. and it is not using a apple charger..

my samsung galaxy mini wont recognise my icro sd card, keeps saying no card is inserted

In the Sims 3, your computer has to have a lot of space (GB), and it needs to have a new video card. I bought the Sims 3 when it came out, and my computer couldn't support it either. I suggest buying a newer computer, but when you do, ask a professional about the space, and about the video card.

you have to press menu and select right after press menu and play and pause

generally this is due to inadequate hardware installed in your computer... long story short, watch them not in full screen, or get a new video card.

Try to get one more monitor just to check. If another monitor works with your computer, you have most likely problems with your video card (if you are not lucky it can be motherboard, or motherboard + video card).

You can disable the onboard video, and install a new video card into a pci slot. It should work fine. Good luck. but my PC doesnt turn on?

Your computer might not have a good enough graphics card.

The advantage of a graphics card is that it allows you to hook up a monitor and see what your computer is doing. The disadvantage is that your computer wont work without one.

Change the settings in control panel of yours

Sims 2 is the only video game that doesn't have cheat codes for the computer.

We need more specifics. The most common reason is because either you have installed the wrong type, or your computer needs matched pairs.

Either you don`t have Direct X 9 installed,your video drivers are corrupted or you don`t have graphic card in your computer(which is not likely).

You need to update your video card drivers. Typing "[Video card name] drivers" in Google usually gives you links to driver downloads.

It is probably blocked by the network, the video is bad, or you are trying to do it at school.

no, my samsung reads my sd card just fine. thanks for asking though.

on a computer you can. and on a regular dvd but it wont be high definition

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