Why won't the car alarm turn off when you open doors until you start the engine in a R Vauxhall Vectra?

Well a friend and i had this same problem on a 1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the problem was that when she was unlocking her door on the drivers side, it wouldn't turn the alarm off because the theft deteraint system sensor in the key switch had gone bad, so every time she opened the door the alarm went off. So the solution to her problem and posibly yours was to go to the other side and unlock it on that side and it worked for her and hopefully you. Best of luck to you.


i had same prob with my vectra easy cure sit in the car put kes in ignition and tiurn to position 1 then press the buttons on the remote key fob a few times this resets the sensor then everything works fine again



any questions you have about the vectra will be answered on that site mate