Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Why won't the grunt in mt cornet move?

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because he has no pokemon!

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How do you get through the galactic grunt in mt cornet that has no Pokemon?

you have to move on and go to a different room and wait for and event to happen then he wont be there any longer.

How do you get past the lost grunt in mt cornet?

when team galactic take over mt coronet, you don't need to get past the lost grunt

How do you get the grunt in mt cornet to move?

You don't need to- you just go to the top of the mountain. I'm not sure how to do that exactly, but you can probably find the walkthrough on youtube.

How do you get passed the lonely grunt in mt coronet in Pokemon diamond?

beat the 7th gym leader and then go to mt cornet he wiill not be there

How do you get a dilga?

in mt cornet in mt cornet

How do you get threw mt . coronet?

With the TM move strength you can move the boulders in the cave that leads to mt. cornet.

How do you get pass the Galactic Grunt that says Don't pay attention to the lonely grunt with no Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

beat the elite four and get the national pokedex from professor rowan. go back to mt. cornet and he'll be gone

Where can you find a chimecho in Diamond Version?

You can find a Chimecho in Mt. Cornet!!! You can find a Chimecho in Mt. Cornet

How do you get past the painting in mt cornet?

How do you get past the painting in mt cornet? please tell me the answer sir or mr. can you please. do tell

Where is the Pokemon store at mt corenet?

in mt cornet there are not any

How do you get past the galactic grunt that has no Pokemon at mt coronet?

you have to beat or capture garintna and then you will go to sendoff spring. then,if you go back to spear pillar,the galactic grunt will move

How do you get to mt cornet?

It mostly depends on where you are.

Where do you get defog in platinum?

YOU get it mt cornet if its not there then you have it

In Pokemon pearl how do you get to Palkia?

Go through Mt. Cornet. I really can't explain it exactly ,but you have to go through Mt. Cornet

Top of mt coronet?

the top of mt cornet is spear pillar

Where can you catch Feebas in Pokemon Platinum?

You can catch it in mt. cornet, it changes its location in mt. cornet by day so try your luck at each bed of water

Where is pulkia?

at the top of mt. cornet F*****s

How do you get a magnazone?

level up a magneton in mt cornet

What do you do after you rescued sizor?

releace it in mt cornet you get a jirachi.

Where is Palkia in pearl version?

its at mt cornet i think

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