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It has lost it's prime, the impeller is bad or the pressure switch is bad. If you have water at normal pressure, it is probably the pressure switch.

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water pump will sit on engine with lower radiator hose inlet to the left, make sure you dont have a "long water pump", it wont work, 350 is a "short water pump"

The water pump has gone out, so it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Either your pressure will drop because the pump wont be working too well and as far as the well being dry, only visual inspection will do or call a plumber.

Most likely the daylight relay is out. You will have to take it out and test it.

if the serpentine belt breaks or comes off etc. the car will over heat as the water pump wont work. also it will die eventually as the alternator wont be working, as well as no power stearing etc etc.

Is the power on, do you have a breaker, is the water level up, there are so many reasons for a pump not to work more information is needed.

You can try, but it wont work so well for you or the tank. Water doesn't compress easily. Things with air in them compress easily. Water does not have air. But if you try anyway, tell us how it goes.

Either the water bottle is stopped up.(the cap on the bottom of the bottle) Or the pump is out of it. I think you will find the pump is out of it since that seems to be a problem with most of them! how do you get to the pump?, the bottom of the spout of the filled container is giving out water.

i put a water pump in my 95 eagle summit now it wont start. i need help figuring out what could be wrong?

Only replace fuel pump with motorcraft fuel pump assembly(comes with sender and mounting bracket). labor is about 3.5 hours and cost of fuel pump, need to replace fuel filter also to get warranty on fuel pump. ---- Could also be: * Fuel shutoff / inertia switch * Plugged fuel filter See "Related Questions" below for more

at the rear of the motor on the passenger side. You wont see the water pump unless you take off the timing belt cover, and it will probably be the 2nd pulley from the bottom offset to the left of the crankshaft pulley.

newer cars are easy. The water pump should be in a housing with four bolts on the top. Loosen the four bolts and everything inside the housing will come out and the housing will remain in the car. When you buy a new water pump, it wont be a whole water pump it will only be the insides. Put the insides back in the housing and bolt it back together.

Either the fuel filter is clogged or the fuel pump is defective, even if it is a new pump.

if it is a 350cid/5.7l vin p engine......the water pump leaks right on top of the distributor......its a cap/rotor and when wet it wont start

Change the thermostat. lol. Simple but the water pump wont work if the thermostat is stuck closed. Good luck. Kyle

The pump could be defective. Or the power may not be getting to the pump. Check the pump fuse and relay to start with.

No it is not ok. It needs to be sorted out. It will only get worse and the sealing wont last with it rusting. Water can also carry harmful bacteria in rusty water. You must get that sorted out before someone gets sick.

i have the exact same problem i changed the water pump last night waited an hour to make sure gasket dries placed water in it and it wont start. i replaced everything as i took it apart and i dont understand it.

The pump should be of when moving the sand filter control

Could very well be a fuel problem. Possibly the pump. More info is needed for an educated diagnosis.

check these in order, thermostat,heater coil,water pump,oil pump and main crank bearings.

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