Why won't your 16-month-old not go to sleep unless you are next to her?

It is possible you started this bad habit. Often when children cry the first thing parents want to do is protect and care for them and there is certainly nothing wrong with this. What is the mistake is starting a habit of sleeping with your child or letting them sleep with you all the time. Once in awhile it's OK because children can have nightmares and that's common. A good suggestion is to put a night light in your child's room and open closet doors with a small light inside the closet so the child can see there is nothing bad lurking around their bedroom. Put a radio on with some nice music, or a CD player with discs re children's songs. Make sure they have their favorite teddy bear or favorite toy to go to sleep with. Keep checking on your child several times for the first couple of weeks so they know you are always there. Don't creep around the house, but sing, make noise, so the child knows you are close by. It's not uncommon at all for some children to go through this phase, but it's time to break this bad habit. Good luck Marcy