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The Japanese cars have a safety lock on the autos, turn the ignition on, start the motor, put your foot on the brake, you should now be able to move the gear lever If not there maybe a proble with the locking solenoid if so some cars have a small hole or slot either in the top of the gearlever surround or on the side that a small screwdriver can be inserted to release the lever Honda has a fuse that blows from time to time (why?..don't know!)that goes to the horn and the gearshift (auto trans) solenoid that will not allow the car's shifter to change (unless, as stated, you insert the key in the slot to the left of the shifter)...IF the horn is not working (and was before the incident) change the horn fuse.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-12 19:13:57
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Q: Why won't 1995 Honda Civic won't shift out of park and what can you do to correct it?
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