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It sounds like the drive is too large for Win 98 to recognize. I've seen varying accounts of the largest drive Win 98 will handle, but the most common seems to be 137 gigs. I think it also depends on the version of Win 98 that you are running. You should be able to partition the new drive into smaller partitions that Windows will see. I'm pretty sure that most hard drive manufacturers still offer a way to do this while installing the drive, but I may be wrong about that since Microsoft no longer supports Win 98. If the manufacturer did not offer this, I believe there are some third-party software options that will allow you to partition the drive.

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What is the default Operating System for the IBM thinkpad 600e?


You have 2 PC's one running Windows XP and the other Windows 98 can you install one HD on the other PC and change some settings to make a dual mode PC without having to mess with partitions?

Yes, but only if your motherboard supports the ability to boot to alternate IDE devices\drives. If your WinXP system does support this then you will need to temporarily install the hard disk from the old Win98 system as the primary master and install your Win98 OS on it. The installation of Win98 on the hard disk drive will not work in your system running XP. Win98 Plug and Play is more Plug and Pray, so don't bother trying. Backup you data first because install the win98 OS probably will remove all your data. Remember to remove the XP hard disk so you don't install win98 over it. Once you are done with the install of Win98 you will need to re-install the Winxp drive as the primary master and configure the win98 hard disk as secondary master. Your BIOS setup should allow you to select what drive to boot with. Good Luck!!!

Which is newer win98 or win3.1?

Win 98 is newer than win 3.1

How do you install second hard drive that has WinXP already loaded for dual boot First hard drive has Win98?

The second drive can certainly be installed, but the computer will only recognize the boot block of the "C" drive. alternate bootloaders can be installed that take over the boot block, and will allow mutliple Operating Systems.

How do you reinstall a USB host controller in Windows 98 SE?

Update Win98 from the Microsoft website that should help.

List and Describe networking support in Windows 2000 OS?

Win98,win2000,and winXP support IEEE 1394.

How do you upgrade from win98 to winxp?

Google it,download it. Or maybe you just need to change it's 'skin'. [You download it also].

Can you install windows 98 on a hard drive and transfer this hard drive to another computer and run Windows 98 as well as if it had been installed directly on this computer?

If both computers are the exact same model you can do it without any problem. If the computer that you transfer the hard drive to is different it may still work, but when you boot the computer Windows98 wil look for drivers for the different chipset In the process of looking for the correct driver Win98 may ask you to insert the Win98 install disk. The problem is the CD drive will not be recognized yet because usually the ide and pci chipset drivers have to be loaded first ,but they have to be loaded from the CD disk. Ah a real dilema! The solution: make a windows startup disk and replace the msdos.sys file and io.sys file on floppy with the msdos.sys and io.sys files from the win 98 hard drive. Transfer drive , and boot to the floppy on new machine. It will load the dos cdrom drivers and also boot to Win98. The cdrom will show up in Win98 and you can install drivers for new hardware from the CD. After all the drivers are fund it should work o.k.

How can you install and older edition of Windows than your current newest edition that you use now when you try and it wont let you -it tells you you have a newer version and you get stuck there.?

I'm assuming that you have XP installed and you want to run Win98. Put a dos boot disk in your floppy drive and boot to dos. Run win98 setup (if you can't run it off a CD then copy it to a new folder on your hard drive and repeat the previous step. Install Win98 to its own new unique named folder, different from /windows. After setup is complete reboot and continue into xp. In xp right click on my computer/properties/advanced/startup and recovery settings, then check mark 'time to display list of operating systems'. When you reboot this time you will be presented with an option to run either XP or 98. You cannot install Win98 to an NTSF hard drive partition afaik.

What was the storage capacity of first computer?

8 gb hard drive running win98 and 32 MB ram,WOW! 3 grand for that what a ripoff lol

What do you do if you deleted an Asus file and now it will not load Windows on start up?

Depends on your version of Windows. The 9X series, you need to create a bootdisk, one with CD-ROM drivers, or in 2000 or XP, you can select the F8 key.AnswerJust Arrange a Bootable CD ormake a bootable floppy disk from control panel> Add Remove> Start Up> Creat a disk (Button)where a clean formatted floppy disk must be inserted into floppy drive.orIf you have got win98 backup in your d: or other drive you may format and install your windows without booting your system.see how1- Restart your system2- During Restarting Hold F8 or Ctrl Key for some secondsyour system will jump to post screenFrom here you can go to safemode or command prompt only or Safemode with command prompt only3 - Go to any command prompt to work with dos commands4 - Get into win98 folder say if win98 is backed up in d: drive thentype d: "enter" CD win98 "enter"format c: "enter"ThanksFormat command will work under win98 directory

In win98 on dos mode getting message invalid drive specification while opening other drive rather then c?

Unless you have other drives or partitions, that is a perfectly normal response.

Is any of these cards compatible with win98?

Yes they are. Most of them are compatible some of them just need drivers. Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI Sound Card is compatible.

Do you need to partition your drive to install Windows 98?

Of course you need to partition your drive. If you already have installed Windows XP You need to make a new partition for win98 formated FAT32. WinXP use NTFS formatting.

How can you add an old ide win98 hard drive to a new PC with a sata winxp hard drive for file retrieval only?

I believe you can hook the 98 one up CABLE SELECT and it will view it just as a file system to retrieve from.

How do you update Windows 98 to Windows 7?

That is a large update, you will first want to be sure that the system that is running Win98 has the power to run Win 7. If so, then you need to pop in the Win 7 install disk and follow the on screen prompts.

How do you fix a counter strike source lag the easiest way?

You can try these ways: Change your windows theme to classic (win98 style) Turn off your firewall (I never tried this one) There are some other ways, but the best is usually a change in hardware.

Where can you download Intel's Create and Share software for webcams?

Search for "Create & Share" at the Intel website if you have Windows 98/SE. If you have Windows 2000/XP, you have to buy and install the Upgrade CD from after downloading the Win98 version. Good luck

Where do you position the CD-ROM driver after formatting the hard drive of an old Windows 95 computer?

The simple answer is just use a Win98 boot-up floppy disk instead of a Win95 boot disk. I searched Google to find this answer to my own question.

Your OS is win98 and using ie avantbrowser and Firefox to surfing all of a sudden ie is unable to open websites but the other 2 work fine. what's wrong with the ie and how can you get it back to work?

Clear cache, cookies and reset ie to default settings.

What should the minimum spec requirements on a laptop be for you to run your dsl msn premium?

Minimum of 650 MHz Processor Speed Minimum of 64MB of RAM (128MB recommended) Minimum of 125MB of free hard drive space CD-ROM or DVD drive Win98/ME/2000/XP

How do you 32 bit upgrade into a 64 bit?

You can use a 64-bit emulating OS for 32-bit motherboard (or more than likely a 16-bit). Much like Win98 and later uses 32-bit emulation for 16-bit. Or buy a new 64-bit motherboard.

How do you install two hard drives with two different operating systems XP and 98 in one machine for dual bootup?

its quite easy actually...always install the earliest OS your case, install 98 on whatever drive you wish and after it is complete...install xp on the other. during boot, you will be given the option to boot what ever OS you wish. I tried your sugestion, loaded 98 first on the first drive, xp on the second does not work, only boots into 98 XP should be loaded with both of the drives connected. After loading 98, do not make any hardware changes. Just go and load XP onto the second drive. XP will create some files on the 98 drive that will bring up an OS menu at boot time allowing you to choose the OS of your choice. It will only show for about 30 seconds. Maybe you just weren't at the computer when it displayed. The amount of time that the OS selection menu appears, and the OS that the system defaults to can be customized to boot into Win98 or WinXP if no action is taken by the user. You could configure a computer to allow it to boot into Win98, WinME, Win2000, and WinXP, if you wanted to. You could also have it boot to three different Win2000 installations if you wanted to. A few tips to follow. Always install the older operating system first (i.e. Win98, then Win2000, and then WinXP.) Don't change drive letters after installing. Changing major hardware components will likely require reinstalling everything all over again. So, keep your motherboard the same. Changing a motherboard prevents the operating systems from booting because they don't have the drivers for the new hardware, and therefore, can't utilize them.

Differences between windows 9895xp2000?

one of the differences as i understand it is that win95 doesnt have usb support, win98 does but you need the right drivers on disc - usually from the usb hardware manufacturer - and win2000 and xp have usb plug and play capability. i think there's some sort of similar progression with the networking capabilities too

What types of expansion cards would be installed in a pci slot?

All types where available from video to Harddrives. This is obsolete now and the parts are hard to find. I never saw memory, cache, or processor expansions. I own a flash card for a PCI slot. : ) It has no connections and I still don't know what it's for. But win98 finds it.