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Why won't a 1982 Toronado shift in any gear except low 1 park neutral or reverse?

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Sounds like a possible vaccuum leak to me, take the car to a trusted shoop and have your vaccuum system inspected, hopefully they should be able to diagnose the problem quickly. but before that, warm the car to operating temp, drive around the block and check your tanny fluid level, that could be the cheapest and easiest fix of all.

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What is wrong when the instrument panel reads gear shift error on your 1992 Oldsmobile toronado?

Safety neutral switch

What do the letters on a gear shift stand for and what do they mean?

Park, reverse, neutral, Drive and low

Your 1999 Mazda it only starts in neutral and when in park it goes in reverse why?

Shift linkage out of adjustment?

How a 1996 Avalon wont reverse but drives in neutral?

Shift linkage may need to be adjusted?

Mercedes clk430 gets stuck in park and won't go in reverse gearHow do I shift it into reverse?

I am not sure but there should be a switch by the brake pad to release the safety neutral switch to allow you to shift. Try that.

What could make Fuse 17 blow when you shift from reverse to neutral?

Short circuit somewhere in the reverse-light or even the reverse switch itself. Other causes are also possible.

Why won't my car start again if I shift from park to reverse while starting the engine?

Your car has an automatic transmission which includes a "neutral safety switch" to prevent the car being started while the shifter is in any position except "neutral" or "park". This switch is activated by the shift lever and prevents voltage to the starter solenoid when the car is in gear (drive or reverse). This is a safety features that prevents the car from lurching ahead or backward while starting.

Why is my 1995 cadillac sedan deville unable to shift into reverse or neutral?

I am having the same problem on my 94. It will go into drive but that is it.

How do you start a Honda Rancher?

Turn ignition on. Indicator lights will light. Put it in neutral. If red reverse light is off, go to next line, If red reverse light is on, shift up one till Green neutral light comes on. Put it in neutral. Shift down till Green light comes on. Press the starter (square button on left grip.

How do you get a Lexus sc300 into neutral?

If automatic.... pull the emergency beak and put the shift on N for neutral... If 5 or 6 speed... there should be a picture showing you 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, reverse and neutral..............

97 Hyundai Elantra auto trany 18 ltr eng the trany will not shift into any of the drive gears but does shift into reverse and will move in reverse when its trying to shift makes constant ticking sound?

check the transaxle range switch and positioning....the holes should line up in neutral

How do you get your 1996 Nissan Quest out of park?

When we have this problem, we turn the ignition off and shift into neutral, restart the engine and it can then be shifted into drive or reverse.

Why car locks when shift reverse or neutral but moves on drive or 1 and 2?

It a protection that way u won't damage the transmission

Does a 1996 Yamaha 350 4x4 wolverine have reverse?

Yes, There is a knob in between the handle bars that you turn when it is in neutral and shift down.

How do you engage reverse on a 1985 Honda trx 4 wheeler?

While it is in neutral hold in the left hand brake and shift down

92 aerostar neutral safety switch where is it located and how do you change it?

Usually on steering column lower if column shift, next to floor shift (remove panels) if floor shift or at transmission integrated with reverse light switch

How do you shift into reverse on a 1986 Honda TRX 350?

Start in Neutral, push and hold the red button in on left handle bar, squeeze left hand brake and shift down

How do you shift a TRX350FE into reverse?

Push down the red R button, hold in the left brake and shift down beyond neutral gear. At least hat's how its done on a 2004 anyway.

Why does a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron not go into gear properly example park is neutral and reverse is drive?

The shift cable is loose or mis adjusted.

How do you shift a 1984 Honda TRX 200 into reverse?

shift to nutral,then move lever to reverse

What is the proper way to engage and disengage the 4-wheel high and low system in a 96 grand Cherokee?

You must stop,shift into neutral, then shift into 4x4 high/low and back into drive. To disengage, stop again, shift to neutral, then shift back in 2x4 and drive, for safety you should reverse about 10-15 feet to help disengage the shaft.

Why wont my 2005 Nissan altima go into reverse shifter stops at neutral no reverse no park i can not get my key out?

In the car there's a small hole by the shift gears, take cover off, we used a metal nail file To press down, this now lets you shift gears.

How do you get your Massey Ferguson to shift out of reverse it is stuck in reverse?

If the trans is locked in one gear, and the stick refuses to move, it has very likely jumped out of the shift selector rods. You will likely have to remove the shift stick cross pin, to pull the stick out, and manually with a long flat screw driver, shift all rods to the neutral position. There are cut aways in the rods. The neutral position should be when they are all in the same general location so the stick can move between them. Test this by bumping the starter, before replacing the stick.

Honda 450 es formean will not shift into reverse?

2003 Honda 450 es Forman will not shift into reverse?

What do you do when your 1991 Chevy caprice classic car wont go in reverse and the neutral is drive?

Your shift linkage may have slipped or become loose. Check your linkage.