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check the EGR valve they are known to be faulty

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How do you use the word tempo in a sentence?

(Music) The tempo of the concerto is too slow for the average listener. (Speed) The war increased the tempo of manufacturing operations in the country. (Slang) We are putting up a tempo this year. (Temporary plastic carport)

What does the musical term 'tempo' mean?

Tempo is the speed of the rhythm of a song.Tempo means the fastness or slowness of the music.it means the speed fast or slow ...the speed of the beat

Is tempo dancing speed dance?

what do u think? Tempo and speed understand it right!

What Do you call Speed in Music?

tempo Is called a tempo.

What is tempo in music?

The Tempo of music is the speed of the music.

Which term refers to tempo?

Speed, or the count of one beat. The word tempo is Italian for speed.

What does tempo mean?

Tempo is the rate or speed of motion or activity; pace. In music, tempo is the rate of speed of the musical piece or the timing of music.

What is a synonym for 'tempo'?

Synonyms for tempo include speed, beat, rhythm, and pace

What does tempo stand for in music?

Tempo Is The Speed The Music Is Being Played At.

What does temp or tempo mean?

Tempo (Italian for time) is a speed of music.

What is music 'tempo' when translated from Italian to English?

Music tempo in Italian is the speed with which the music moves.

What is tempo in musical terms?

Tempo is the speed at which a passage of music is or should be played.

What is the speed of music called?

the speed of music is called Tempo

Definition of tempo?

tempo is the speed of a piece of music (how fast or slow it is) hope this helps!

How the dynamic in music is related to tempo?

Not at all. Dynamics are the volume changes and tempo is the speed.

What is the common noun for Tempo?

The noun 'tempo' is a common noun, a general word for the speed at which something happens; the speed at which music is played or sung.Example: The song is an old classic sung at a new tempo.

What is the speed of the beat?

In music, this is called the tempo.

What is the speed of music?

speed is like to tempo of the piece. if the piece is describing a lazy person not wanting to move then the tempo will be really slow and lazy like

How do you recover notebook speed?

I am not sure what computer you are running but if you go to control panel and then performance you can choose what you need to increase your computers speed.

Is Tempo an Italian universal musical term that refers to the speed at which a music composition is played?

Yes, the word tempo refers to the speed at which a musical piece is played.

Musical term for returning to original speed?

A tempo, tempo primo, or prima

What is the qualities of motion?

Direction, speed/tempo, weight

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