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have you checked the timming?

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Why does car hesitate on quarter throtal?

Year, make, model and engine size would help us help you.

Why does my Chevy Trailblazer hesitate?

You can take this with a grain of salt but I have the same problem with my tb and I beleave it hesitates because there is no cable linked between the foot pedal to throtal body. Its servo controled. Look under the hood and you'll see what apears to be an electric motor attached to the throtal body. Only my opinion and don't no if I'm right.

Where are starter motors located on a peugeot 406 coupe?

at the front, under the throtal body housing..... there are wires conected to the back of it, one of them is your live... (please note You MUST dissconect the battery before removing the starter)

What would cause a 95 dodge 1500 to start and run then quit and not fire until after a few minutes?

if you have a throtal body spacer there is a good chance that it is not receiving enough fuel and too much air I had that problem with me dodge and I was told to either buy a bigger fuel pump or larger fuel line

What would cause the gas pedal to stick on a 1991 Chevy Corsica so the car runs itself?

ther are many porobens that could cause this first and formost is a broken release spring. another posibility is that the TPS (Throtal Positioning Sensor) has worn out cusing it to sick in the open position. or you coupld have a frosen cabil

Car does not acelerate properly when you press the throtal?

Check Throttle Position Sensor. (if you have one) Could also be a misfire so check the plugs, wires, and coils. Check it at night too, so you can see any spark. Could also be a fould injector (if you have injectors) It could be so many more things. Need more info

Why would a 1990 Buick lesabre barely run or run very roughly when the weather is really hot?

it depends on what kind of fule delivery system you have. if it is carborated then it could be because your idle screw is not set high enough and carb engines have to warm up befor they run good in cold weather. if it is carb, engine YOU MIGHT WANT TO ADJUST THE SCREW AND LET RUN FOR ABOUT 5 MIN IN THE COLD. IF IT IS A THROTAL BODY THAN IT COULD BE A HOLE IN ONE OF YOUR LINES AND WHEN IT IS COLD OUT IT WILL CAUSE IT TO ACT UP MORE NOTICABLY THAN IN WARM WEATHER.

Does anyone know how to fix a Quad master 2000 that idles good but when you give it throtal it pops from the exhaust?

It's running too rich. That just means you have unburned fuel in the exhaust. Adjust carb for max. vacume or lean it out slowly in increments until it goes away. If the muffler is a glasspack that can also cause it because the fibreglass burns out making it a hollow shell full of hot spots. It is normal to have some unburned gases but they shoudld not burn unless oxygen is getting in somewhere-check all joints in exhaust sys.

What would cause the car to jerk when changing gears in a 1999 Chevy cavalier Z24 4-cylinder auto?

usually bad engine mounts This happened to me once,but I'm not sure if this is your fix. I left the IAT Sensor(intake ait temperature sensor) unpluged by accident.It gave me whiplash everytime it shifted gears. I pluged it back in and it smothed out. It is in between the air filter box and throtal body.On that big black tube,it has 2 wires. OR,,Borrow someone's tube and see if that does any good. Also put some LUCAS Transmission lube in it. Shifting solenoids may be sticking.

Is motocross more dangerous than bull riding?

Yes motocross is more dangerous than bullring because in motocross you have less stability and in motocross your engine can over heat and catch on fire in bullring a bull will never go 120 mph or catch on fire and in motocross if you crash on the wrong side of a jump you can get crushed by 20 to 30 bikes that speed up as they hit the ground or you a bull can ram you and step on you but not as much as a dirtbike race and if you wheelie over it can break your back and if you endo the bike you can break your neck and back so therefore motocross is more dangerous.

What are the pros and cons of Hybrid cars?

There are many different things good about Hybrids. A Pro about them in that they get great Mpg because of a break through design. A Con about it is that....... well the only bad thing about it is that it is small and doesnt have alot of cargo space.the person who typed that is really retarted...what about how much power it takes to charge the much fule it takes to make the cars and power the plant that makes the carshow about when the car gose to the junk yare all of the acid in the car battary is going to spill into the groundand what about the materials that make the carwhat about the 4 cylender engine that helps move the car and powers the A.C.what about the fule you need to put into the engine to help the car movemy mom has a volts wagon bettal and it gets 53.83 MPG and it is all gas and the hybrid gets the same amount so really hybrids don't save the environment at all and sence they are mostly made by Toyota what about all of the 1,000,000 cars they had to recall because of the sticking gas throtal and there whole electronical systom shuting down then the cars blow up. THEY ARE HORIBLE...Ya ok that is a Toyota what about the GM hybrids, the Ford Hybrids The Mercedes Hybrids just because some are made by Toyota dosent mean that all of them are bad stuped dickFirst of all who ever spelled the word retarded as "retarted" is REALLY RETARDED! Secondly its VOLKSWAGEN not "volts wagon" And its Beatle not "bettal"!! IDIOTSCON: HYBRID CARS ARE GGGAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! except for the BMW i8, witch is sexy.