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Why won't a 1998 Grand Cherokee start?

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Answered 2011-09-13 17:07:23

i replace the motor in my 98 JGC and it too would not start, but upon putting the motor back in the Jeep i took notice that i may have "bumped" the crank positioning sensor, so i replaced that and it fired right up, im not saying that's definitely your problem given you included no details, but its a possibility, good luck

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Why wont my 96 jeep grand Cherokee start.?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark and compression?

Trouble starting 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

hard or wont start after and during rain

Your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee wont start just clicks?

sounds like a flat battery to me

Will a 1990 Jeep Cherokee transmission fit on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

no it wont fit cause ive just changed a 1990 jeep Cherokee transmission it had a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee transmission in it it broke the fly wheel and burned the torque converter up

My jeep grand Cherokee wont start unless i have the ignition turned for a long time?

Needs a new starter

Why wont 94 jeep grand Cherokee limited 5.2 wont start and no spark after changing transmission?

somebody broke or didn't connect the crank sensor

What is the location of the ac relay on a 1998 Grand Cherokee?

Before going after the relay make sure you have enough freon in the system otherwise a/c compressor wont kick on!!!

Why does my 1996 Grand Cherokee start running rough and now it wont turn over?

Try replacing the camshaft sensor. Sounds exactly like the problem I experienced.

What would cause your 1993 Jeep grand Cherokee Limited 4.0L inline 6 to not start?

on the 4.0 jeep, if it cranks, but wont start, try replacing the crank sensor, located at the top rear of the engine, at the transmission

1994 jeep grand Cherokee lmtd wont start in cold weather and even then must be in neutral to start and ideas?

check the neutral safety switch. Mine does the same thing. also you might not have reverse lights.

Why wont your 1996 Plymouth grand voyager start?


I washed the engine on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee. Now it wont start.?

you flooded it

Why wont 96 Jeep Cherokee Sport start?

probably cam positionong sensor.

Why wont your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee not start The key will turn then the gauges go haywire but no ignition. There is a clicking sound from the fuse panel anyone have an idea?

Could be low battery power. Not enough to start the engine.

Why wouldn't your 1998 Grand Am Gt accelerate ABS and Air bag lights come on and now wont start?

Honestly ,to me if it wont start, then it is a power problem! because of Pontiac's alternators and being that the car is almost 10 yrs old you should have that checked!!

Why wont my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee start?

battery is dead, alternator is blown, needs new distributor, blown engine, head gasket is out, could be a number of things, take it in to a mechanic

1993 jeep grand Cherokee that shuts off 3 seconds after you start tried to lock and unlock both doors.still wont start help please?

im not shure but its probably the arlam that's the 1st year they put it on and it sucks

1994 jeep grand Cherokee wont start. If you let it sit for 30 sec to 5 min it will then start and run fine. I have no injector pulse or fuel pressure when its in no start mode.replaced change.?

check the cranckshaft sensor and alarm system

Why my 2001 jeep grand Cherokee V8 won't start after running out of gas?

Try adding more gas i have added gas plus some fuil enjector cleaner it still wont crank

1998 camaro wont start could it be the security system?


2003 Pontiac grand am turns over and wont start?

security lock out had same problem with our 2004 grand am

Why wont a 1993 grand marquis start from igintion but will start from starter?

Probably a bad starter solenoid.

Can you use a Jeep Grand Cherokee computer on a Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

no, on your computer youll see an ecm number on it, you have to match that number with a number on a new computer otherwise it wont run right.

Your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee wont start?

neutral lock out switch It really could be several things. It could be spark plugs it could be no gas it could be no oil, and more. it could be your battery, starter, coil.etc

1986 Jeep Cherokee 2.8l won't start even pouring gas in carburetor?

ok i have a 1986 jeep cherokee it wont start from the key in side it turns over but dosent fire up an its got (gas an fire) it will start if you pull start it an it has a carb