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Find the vacume line that goes from the transfer case up over the top of the the transmission into the engine compartment on the passenger side in the front and replace it, re-route it through the wheel well as all of them rub on a sharp edge and get a whole in them.(you can actually hear the leak). If that does not do it then replaced the 4x4 transfer switch under the transfer case. Very common problem, they often go bad. I have owned 3 of them and had to do the same thing to all 3. Thanks

REPLY: 9-10-09

I had this similar problem, and i went w/o 4x4 for a year because i thought it was an expensive part. I really wish this was the first thread i read, i went and popped the hood and there it was, the vacuum hose just laying there disconnected from the plug, i plugged it back in and the problem was fixed, thank you very much for the information, it was extremely helpful.

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Q: Why won't a 2000 Chevy Blazer 4x4 go into fourwheel drive and the indicator light only blinks?
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