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Why won't a 2002 Focus turn over?

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1.Check for corrosion on the battey terminals. 2. check fusible links and cable to starter for damage and tightness. 3.If a manual transmission the clutch must be engaged. 4.If automatic transmission try starting in neutral. More info needed: does the door open buzzer or headlight buzzer work when door is open. If not then there is a battery problem. Has the car been in an accident? There is a breaker for the fuel pump that trips when bumped from impact.

2. When the timing belt broke in my car, there was a focus safety system that would not let the car turn over until that was fixed. That way the piston wont slap valve.

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Help my 2002 Jeep Liberty won't start?

What is it doing? ddus it turn over but just wont start?

Im hearing a clicking nosie and car won't crank on 2002 Concorde?

my car is clicking and wont turn over what could it be

You just had a valve job done on your 2002 kia optima drove it home fine and now car wont turn over wants to start by wont stay running any idea what it is Fuel pump was replaced as well?

Call the person who repaired the car and tell them what is going on. But what you write above makes no sense. You say, "(wont turn over) (wants to start) by (wont stay running)" If it won't turn over, how does it want to start, and how can it be running in the first place? Did they replace the fuel filter. If not, they should have.

What could be the problem if your car wont turn over?

Umm I don't think you want your car to turn over. Ever.

My 2002 Ford Focus won't start?

Explain, or don't post!2002 ford focus wont start replaced fuel filter and starter . They sad it might be a relay . Which one and where to find one ? Any suggestions

The engine turn over but wont start what could be the problem?

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

2002 pathfinder blower wont turn off?

The blower on a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder won't turn off if the switch is stuck in the on position or the relay is defective. Removing the blower fuse will cause the fan to turn off.

2001 part time light won't turn off?

2002 jeep liberty part time light wont turn off

Why wont 1986 Ford Tempo turn over?

If you jack one side of the car up high enough,it will turn over,it will have to turn over when the tilt is past the critical point. Hope this helps!

You have a 87 camaro the other day it backfired real loud smoke came out and now it wants to start but wont turn over?

hmm how do you figure it wants to start, if it wont turn over? next try checking the coil

Why wont my Saturn turn over no noise at all battery tested good new starter placed and still wont turn over?

Have you tried placing the car in park and or nuetral? possible neutral safety switch failure.

How do you start a 2002 Olds Bravada that cranks but will not turn over?

my 02 is at the dealer for this problem. i was driving and it died a couple times and then wont start did you have any problems before this? will respond with answer tomorrow on problem.

Car with charged battery won't start won't turn over?

why after replaced the head gasket car wont turn over??jetta 2000 2.2l

Your 2002 Honda accord ex wont turn over when you turn the key it only clicks one time?

Check the battery first to see if it is fully charged. If it is, clean the battery posts off. After doing this if it will not start, then suspect the starter is defective.

Why wont my f150 turn over?

starter is out, motor is locked up or your starter solenoid is out.

Why wont my04 Chevy classic start?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark, and compression

1987 topaz will turn over but wont start and has fire?

Is it getting fuel? Does it have compression?

Why wont my 1992 Ford Mustang start?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark, compression?

How do you tell if your engine has seized?

your ingine will make a sound and then wont start or turn over,

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