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Why won't a 720 MB disk hold 107.1 MB of songs?


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December 19, 2014 2:11AM

Hang on, let me elaborate (for some reason Answers wouldn't let me add a description): I have a playlist of songs I want to burn. My iTunes library says my playlist is 107.1 Megabytes and is an hour and 38 minutes long. My disc says it's got room for 720 MB of stuff, but when I select "burn playlist to disc" it starts working but then says that there isn't enough room on my disc to burn it. I can't burn it across multiple discs because my car's CD player only holds one disc and no, I don't have something that can play my iPod through my car's speakers, unfortunately. Last time I checked, 107.1 < 720, so I should have room on my disc for that and plenty more. But I don't.