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Because it is not meant for a television service provider guide. It is meant for live use with a live signal only.

2008-09-03 03:28:38
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Q: Why won't a DVD VCR Combo unit memorize DirecTV channels?
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How do you memorize the unit circle?

There really isn't much to memorize. The unit circle is a circle with a radius of 1.

Is there a DVR capable of recording multiple channels at the same time?

Yes. It's known as a dual DVR. Mine's a Dish Network unit and DirecTV has 'em too, but you have to be a subscriber and have ordered the dual receiver/recording unit. Other than that, I'm not sure that there are any others on the market.

Are there any DVD/Tivo combo units available?

The Humax DRT800 DVD-R/RW Recorder/TiVo Series2 DVR Combo, which you can buy for about $140, is a DVD/Tivo combo unit.

Which dvd/vcr combo has the best surround sound output?

Toshiba makes a great combo unit that provides excellent surround sound. You can check into this model Toshiba SD-V594 DVD/VCR Combo.

Can you get a DVD/VCR combo that also reads karaoke discs and has a microphone port?

Microphones dont not work with a DVD/TV Combo unit. DVD/VCR Combo units are connected internally and connections are not accessible

Can the same tivo recorder work for dishnet and also directv?

tivo stand alone unit, yes ,one at a time

Which car DVD players can also be used as a navigation system?

The KENWOOD PNAV512 is a DVD/GPS combo unit.

How many loads of laundry can a lg combo wash?

Assuming you mean an LG brand combo washer/dryer unit, the exact number is not specified on the manufacturers site, however they do boast a long lasting appliance.

I purchased a dvr on ebay to expand with directv, the remote is not working on this unit but it works on the others in my house. Do you do repair work If you do when can I bring it in and do you have access cards for DirecTV?

Generaly speaking there is no repair needed some remotes just will not work with older or newer machines.

Are you able to transfer VHS to DVD using a combo unit?

Yes on some models, most are just DVD players and VHS record,Sony's RDR-VX560 DVD recorder/VCR combo has the ability to record DVD's.

Why have a tuner in a DVD VCR combo unit?

To record TV programs with it while watching another channel like you can with an ordinary VCR.

Do you have the option to record using the DVD portion of a combo unit?

Yes on some select models, Sony's RDR-VX560 DVD recorder/VCR combo is one such example, most are just DVD players without recording ability's

Cost of fixing diesel pump on a vauxhall combo van?

It takes about £1000 to install a new pump and around £300 for a reconditioned fuel pump ECU unit on a vauchall combo van. The price range may vary with the place of repair.

Is a McPherson strut the same thing as a strut top?

No, a Macpherson is a strut -shock combo unit that fits between the A frame and the vehicle frame.

What is the structural unit of a bone?

Osteons are the structural unit of a bone. They make up the haversian system which contains the haversian canals. These are a series of tubes around narrow channels formed by lamellae.

What is a serial-unit numbering system?

the serial number was found in ethernet ( part of external system unit). the use of it was it can memorize all numbers that you written or it can identify the name of user of that number. that's all i hope it so helpful to you!

What jacks are necessary on a television to use a DVD/VCR combo unit?

It's just like hooking a DVD player or VCR, you use the 2 RCA jacks cables that come with the unit, match to TV outputs.

What happens if the VHS part of a VHS/DVD combo unit breaks?

If the VHS portion of a VHS/DVD unit breaks the DVD portion will still work. It should not be much of an issue depending on how often the VHS is used.

How can I fix the fuel gauge Isuzu rodeo 2000 after changing the fuel sending unit?

after u drop the tank and replace the fuel sending unit your gas gauge should start working correctly. try they seem to have the cheapest price on the unit and pump combo.

Can you still use your dvr if you cancel your dish network service?

The DVR is still fully functional if your service has been canceled. As stated below, if the equipment is leased, we do expect the equipment to be returned back to us. If we don't receive the receiver within 30 days, you will be charged the MSRP for the receiver. If you own the receiver, you can record local channels if you have an antenna connected to the receiver otherwise the only channels you will get are infomercials and public service channels. You might be able to play back what's on it, but with Dish and probably DirecTV, there will only be one channel available. That's the subscriber channel. Of course, if you're renting the receiver/DVR unit, they'll want it returned.

Is it unsafe to use DVD component of combo TV DVD player if the cover to the DVD player has broken off?

If the cover for your DVD portion of your combo TV DVD unit is broken please do not use it all to prevent future risks because it is unsafe to use it in this condition.

How do I fix my family's TV DVD combo?

Prior to attempting to fix a broken TV DVD you should ascertain if the unit is still covered by a manufactures warranty. If yes contact the manufacture who will detail the steps required to having the unit repaired. If out of warranty the manufacture can assist you in repairs of the unit.

Why does the FM section of the radio on my 1996 Chrysler LHS often cut out to a hiss on all channels while the AM section works fine. The FM comes and goes. This unit is the AM FM CD Cassette combo.?

Obviously a problem with the radio, mine does the same as well as some other funky thinks with the buttons. I too have the same radio you describe as well as the same car.

Define dual potentiometer?

A dual potentiometer is nothing but a potentiometer which has TWO channels.. Like two INs and two OUTs on the same unit.

What does 5.1 Digital 5.1 audio playback mean?

The unit or source can play in surround sound with 5 distinct speaker channels and a subwoofer.