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This gun should be cleaned completely to give it the smooth action it needs to load the shells from the mag to the chamber,completly disassemble and clean each part. use a good lub on the slideing parts

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โˆ™ 2006-12-19 15:04:42
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Q: Why won't a Daly 20 gauge auto let the shells drop from the magazine to load?
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How do you load a semi auto shotgun?

You put shells in the magazine.

Where can you get assembly manaul for a Charles daly 12 gauge auto that was made in Turkey?

Steves Pages has a PDF manual for hundreds of firearms including the Charles Daly.

Do you have to disassemble your hole gun to remove the magazine plug on a Charles daly 12gage semi auto shot gun?


What is the legal limit of shells in a shotgun in Virginia?

A pump or auto suppose to be plugged so no more than 2 shells in magazine and 1 in chamber

What ia the value of a Charles Daly Auto-pointer 12 gauge shotgun?

350.00 bucks don't let them cheat you.

What is the value of a Charles Daly semi-auto 12 gauge serial number 112033?

100-400 USD depending on condition

Where can you find a parts breakdown for a Charles Daly 12 gauge 3 auto?

Charles Daly has imported semiauto shotguns from Italy and Turkey. Would need to know exactly which Charles Daly you have. You can also check the Charles Daly/KBI website for manuals.

What is the value of a Charles Daly semi-auto 12 gauge serial number 102241?

Serial numbers are less important in pricing than information on condition .

Why will my 20 ga auto Charles daly not eject the spent shells It is brand new?

the extractor might be missing or broken The best thing you can do is take your gun to a qualified gunsmith.

What is the value of a Charles Daly auto-pointer?

The value of a Charles Daly auto-pointer would actually depend on a number of factors. The main factor that would be considered would be the condition of the auto-pointer.

Where can you get a slug barrel for your Charles Daly 12 gauge auto?

I believe only Charles Daly offers barrels for its guns. I haven't found them anywhere else. You will find an 18 inch, 12 ga. slug barrel at:

What is the legal limit of shells in a shotgun in California?

2 in the magazine, 1 in the chamber when hunting. For home defense and the range, a 10 round magazine limit is in effect if and only if the shotgun is Semi-Auto or takes a detachable magazine. A tube fed pump-action does not follow the regulation from what I have read.

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