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If the car battery at any point got disconnected for charging etc the stereo will automatically go into a shut down mode where a password will need to be put into the stereo to reset it if you haven't got that password you'd have to consult your nearest dealer to reset stereo to factory setting for you or just buy a second hand one. But of the stereo wont turn on at all then its probably a fuse/relay blown

hope this helps worked for mine lol

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Q: Why won't a car stereo turn on after battery went dead?
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You parked your Endeavor and then went to lock the doors and there was no power then you went to turn the car back on but no power and no clicking sound whats wrong with it?

The battery is probably dead. Get somone to give you a boost. The battery is probably dead. Get somone to give you a boost.

How do you unlock the stereo on a 1996 Saturn?

take and write down the serial number and model number on top of the stereo,and then call a Saturn dealer tell them your battery went dead and now its asking for a code give them the serial# and model# and they will give you a code for the stereo

1995 240sx engine wont turn or rotate and the dash lights dont turn on either battery is fully charged?

your battery is probably dead...., if when you turn the key and nothing happens at all...your battery is probably dead... Solution: Well, it turns out it was my ignition switch. That was my first guess. Im glad i went with it.

How do you reset your fuel pump after battery going dead?

You do not have to reset the fuel pump just because the battery went dead.

Why won't 2001 Honda accord turn over?

There are several reasons why a 2001 Honda Accord won't turn over. The battery could be dead or the starter may of went out.

Why your jeep went dead tried to start then went dead nothing since?

Check your battery terminals, when it has enough power to run the starter, then suddenly not its probably a loose or corroded battery connection.

Battery went dead on your del sol jumped it but now it wont start?

You need a new battery.

Your car is 2007 gmc Yukon you've only had it for one year and you went to turn it on and the car is dead what could it be?

Check the battery cables. Make sure they are not loose.

1997 Z28 Camaro battery went dead recharged and the stereo is locked?

Your theft lock system was tripped when your battery died. ( it happens because it thinks that it was removed from your vehicle) research google and you can find the unlocking steps. You most likely need to take it into a dealer and have them reset it

What would cause a 1993 grand am to die and then not even turn over when trying to start it?

A charging system failure. You drove it on battery power only and it eventually went dead.

Resetting your opel meriva 04 after battery went dead when radio was on?

my Opal meriva radio will not work once I have put the code in it was switched off when it went dead

What would cause a 1997 buick park ave to cut off while driving and not turn over to crank up?

alternator went dead so did the battery or its locked up

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