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Why won't a cow walk downstairs?

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2008-03-27 01:47:10

OK, imagine you are a cow. Now walking up, most of the weight of

your body is down and back, and your knees bend helping you push

yourself up. Now walking down, most of the weight is on your front

legs, and your knees bend and point down the stairs, and with all

the weight and the very real possibility that you could tumble down

frontwards, you just won't do it.

But, you say, I see cows go down hills all the time in John

Wayne movies.

Yes, they do down hills, but the sides of the hills are not

broken up by STEPS that cause you to , as it were, go on faith that

the next step is short enough that you won't trip.

Think of it as you woujld a child, kids will first start to

climb UP steps, but getting them to go down takes a lot of patience

and care by the parents, till they learn to walk down.

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