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Why won't a girl talk to you?

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she ether likes you or hates you

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I like a boy but he wont talk to me what should i do?

i am a girl so i know how you feel just try to talk to him and tell him how you feel

What do you do if you love this girl and she feels the same but you made her really mad and she wont talk to you?

You ask her out !

What can be text to talk with a guy?

because they wont make as much money as they would with a girl doing it

What does it mean If your dating a girl and she wont talk to you?

She has either lost her voice or she wants to break up with you

If a girl wont talk about sexual things what is wrong with her?

She is probably scared, nervous, or doesn't kno what to say

What do if i made a girl i like really mad and she wont talk to me?

Forget about her and move on. Women are a dime a dozen

How do you get this girl to like you if she wont tell you she does or does not like you?

talk about things she likes and seem interested and add to the conversation

Do shy guys ask out shy girls?

it depend sometime they so shy they wont even up to the girl and talk to her if you want you can go and talk to him

How do you know if a girl you go to church with likes you?

He will stare at you alot, he wont focus on church, he will try to talk to you and when you talk he will blush ect you should know if he likes you or not.

How do you know if a girl in middle school likes you?

You wont know on till you talk to her on ure Owen and see what she says.

How can you tell a girl is really interested in you?

She will look at you a lot but you wont know and will smile when you talk to her. She'll start to blush or something.

Why wont the girl I like talk to me?

maybe you should become friends first. then most likely shell start talkin to you

This girl wont talk to me because my conversations are dumb. How do i get her to start talking?

for one dont say stupid things

What do you do if a girl knows you like her but wont say if she likes you or not?

talk to her about it and see how she feels so you both could be on the same page :)

How do you make a girl that wont talk to you love you at school?

just be kind to her and spend more time with her. after a wile she will warm up to you.

What can you talk to a girl about who you like?

well first start out as friends and make sure she can keep secerts not break them. then after you know that you are her friend and she wont say anything. tell her and maybe she can help you out.if the girl you are asking is the girl you like then talk to one of her friends that can keep a secert.

What do you do if your friend dates the girl you like?

Talk to him.say that you like her too. if he is a good friend then hell understand and wont be around wen she is there.

What if a girl says she wants a break and wont talk to you will she dump you?

yes so dump her first unless u really like her

Is it when a guy calls another girl who isn't his girl babe or baby a guy who you cant trust?

i wont like it, but then some people are just like it, talk to him and see how he feels if you did it?

Why wont a guy talk to a girl first?

because guys are scared of girls... No just joking, guys have problems with talking to a girl they like because they feel very nervous!

Will a guy tell you they moved on without telling you?

Most guys wont tell the girl that they moved on. Sometimes brave guys will tell the girl and then just not talk to her. Almost all the time the guy wont tell the girl that he has moved on. If both people are in an argument, the guy is more likely to say it.

Can you talk to birds?

Yes, but they probably wont talk back.

What do you do when your boyfriend talks to another girl?

don't be paranoid, what if he had a good Friend that was a girl before you were dating. Does that mean that he shouldn't talk to her at all? NO!! If he likes you or has any character at all he wont cheat

Does a girl love to talk about sex?

tricky question,though 99percent of girls do like to talk about sex .50percent wont talk openly about sex unless they feel comfortable with who they are speaking to,boyfreind husband,close friend etc

Dose scooter wont a girl girl?