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Why won't a slave cylinder hold pressure?

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You will see a white plastic retaining ring where the line connects to the transmission. Do not remove this, but instead push this in evenly toward the transmission while pulling the hydraulic line away from the transmission. One of Ford's "better ideas".

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If the slave cylinder wont build up pressure and you've tried bleeding it and the master cylinder and the slave cylinder is good then what would make it not work?

a leak in the pressure line could do it. are you sure the seals in the cylnders are good? Is the slave not holding pressure, or is the master not building pressure? How did you bleed it? it makes a difference. Also, if the master or slave cylinders weren't bench bled before installation, it can take a very long time to bleed all of the air out of the cylinders.

Why wont your manual car go into gear after changing clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder?

Will it go into gear when the engine is off and the vehicle isn't moving? If so, it could be a problem with the pilot bearing or possibly the clutch slave cylinder wasn't installed properly. Check it for air bubbles. you may need to bleed the hydraulic line to the slave cylinder.

You put a new clutch slave cylinder on your 91 z24 and it still wont go into gear you bled the line but do you cut the retaining straps on the slave?

No, they break the first time you hit the clutch. They are there to help line up the slave cylinder push rod with the throw out arm.

Why wont a1982 Datsun4x4 5spd manual go into gear?

your slave cylinder has gone bad and all your clutch fluid has leaked out,

What is wrong with your clutch system if you just changed the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and your clutch pedal wont engage the slave cylinder?

If you allowed the master/reservoir to drain empty while the line was disconnected or installed the master dry, you may have to remove the master and bench bleed it first. Always keep the reservoir full during the process.

Why wont the toilet bowl hold water?

1- Capillary action / stoppage 2- Negative / positive pressure 3- back pressure

How do you fix a 1990 Toyota Camry clutch wont engage?

check the slave cylinder,if its dry add fluid and then press the clutchin and out about 15 times

What is wrong with a 2001 manual Honda civic dx when it wont shift gears?

If when the car is not running, you can put it in gear and the car will hold itself, it is most likely the slave cylinder on the transmission bad. Could be the master also, but the slave is much more likely to go out. Open the bleeder screw on the master and pump the clutch once. If fluid is pushed out, it is almost certainly the slave that is bad.

How do you know if its the clutch master cylinder or the slave cylinder thats broken on your 92 ford ranger Its still runs but wont move at all it just started going slower and slower and then it stop?

This sounds like it is the clutch itself, not the master or the slave. If you can put it in gear and it doesn't move, it has to be the clutch worn out. If it were the master or the slave, it would grind when you tried to put it in gear.

Why wont your 98 GMC 2500 5-speed manual tranny shift into gear?

there are a few reasons why this can happen but the most likely is a problem with the slave cylinder

Your dodge wont go in gear with motor running can turn off then put it in gear clutch seems to have a good pedal?

If it has a hydraulic clutch, it is probably the slave cylinder. You could still have pedal but the slave is letting the fluid past the seals. Have someone watch the slave while the clutch pedal is pushed.

How do you bleed the clutch line on a 2004 Ford F-250 with no bleed screw on either cylinder?

There wont be one on the master but there is one on the slave, it looks like a grease fitting.

Why would a 1995 eagle talon stick shift not shift at all unless car is off?

Not necessarily, it could be a number of things, master cylinder, slave cylinder, air in the lines, clutch ( has a new clutch, master, and slave cylinder btw) and multiple other things ---- well i dont exactaly get what youre saying here if you mean you start the car and it wont go into gear that a bad klutch

Why do fried eggs explode?

eggs dont have any holes. this means when you boil it or fry it, the pressure inside the shell will be harder and the shell wont hold that muchy pressure for a long time. and bang! it explodes. the reason is the pressure

Is there a way to bleed my clucth on my 97' Mazda 626?

Depends if You have A hydraulic Clutch or not and are you doing this because you have No pedal or you just changed something . If it is hydraulic here is What I would do First GET a helper and then check and make sure you have fluid in the reservoir then Open bleeder on slave cylinder and have your helper press down on the pedal And hold it YOU should see fluid come out and then tighten bleeder and have helper release pedal repeat until you get some normal pedal and if this wont work you may need a new slave cylinder or clutch master.

What creates pressure inside a bicycle tire?

air of course but it must have some thing to hold that is why we use innertubes they are like ballons to hold in your tires but they are made of rubber so weight wont pup them

Why is my clutch pedal stuck to floor after installing new clutch master cylinder on a 1983 Nissan truck?

u must bleed the system . fill the clutch master cylinder with dot 3 brake fluid and keep an eye on it when bleeding so it wont run out ,have someone pump clutch pedal 3 times and hold to floor and oper bleeder valve on clutch slave cylinder till no air comes out then go to clutch damper and do the same ,follow clutch line fromclutch master cylinderto damper.

You cant get the clutch bled after you replaced the slave cylinder on a 1994 ranger it wont bled still has air in it?

this can be a problem,first you have to press the pedal about an inch do this several times,wait about an hour do it again.....if this doesn't work,it has to be power bled. you transmission shop can do it for you..... I had the same problem. The problem is the cylinder slants down toward the front and that is where the reservior and line connect. There is no good way to get all the air out while mounted to the firewall. Solution: unbolt from firewall with lines and reservoir attached. Tip the cylinder up in the front and use a vacuum bleeder at the slave cylinder.

What would be the problem with a 5 speed 95 civic if the hydraulic clutch wont disengage all the way therefore you can't get into gears?

I would check to see if there is a leak in the the slave cylinder for the clutch. I just had to do this for my 1997 5 speed ex, there was a leak i went to the local autoparts store and bought a new slave cylinder, cost me about 20 bucks and a half hour time. For a quick fix just bleed it.

What is the fastest way to become a foot slave?

get married, your wife wont mind!

What can be wrong when there is gas in the oil and the car wont start?

An injector is probably sticking and causing "wash down". Gasoline can then leak past the cylinder walls and get into the oil. That much fuel in the cylinder will make it impossible to start the engine. I'd also check the fuel pressure regulator

When you start your car in the morning it wont stay running you have to hold the gas down What is wrong?

If your car has the check engine on it could be your fuel pressure regulator located on your fuel rail..

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