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Q: Why won't any DVD burning software for your digital camcorder detect a video device even though both the usb and firewire ports are working?
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What do you do if your DVD software indicates that it is not reading a video device when you connect a digital camcorder to the computer via the firewire cable?

First make sure firewire is enabled in bios, assuming firewire is integrated on your MB. If you have a FW card, make sure the drivers are properly installed.

How do you transfer video tape from Sony TRV-310 to a Mac computer?

The following instructions will work with any digital camcorder that has a Firewire port (including the TRV-310): To transfer digital video from your digital camcorder to your Mac, simply plug the camcorder into power, put it in playback mode, and use a 4-pin to 6-pin Firewire (also known as IEEE 1394a, or i.Link) cable to connect the IEEE 1394 / i.Link port on the camcorder to the Firewire port on the Mac. Once connected, launch iMovie on the Mac, move the switch underneath the preview pane to the camera icon (in iMovie HD and earlier), and import the footage.

Whihc camcorder has built in editing software?

That isn't available except on digital camcorders.

How do you charge a digital camcorder battery?

put it into the digital camcorder and charge it with the original charger

Is the mxt digital camcorder reliable?

I want to buy mxt digital camcorder is good product.

What are Firewire Connections?

Firewire connections are connections for Firewire devices to connect to a computer or some other Firewire device. They are often found on digital video cameras and high level digital audio equipment.

Samsung digital vp-dc163i camcorder won't install onto computer - 'found new hardware wizard' says software can't be found - how do you install the camcorder?

i have the same problem

How does a HDD camcorder compare to a digital camcorder?

HDD camcorders do not have as sharp of an image as a digital camcorder. Digital camcorders usually come with an HD feature. HDD camcorders are old school for anybody these days.

What software do you need to take videos off your digital camcorder and burn them to a DVD to you can watch them on your TV you have a imac Intel?

All the software you need comes preinstalled on an iMac.

Where can one purchase a digital camcorder by Panasonic?

One can purchase Panasonic digital camcorder online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the page, type "Panasonic digital camcorder" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up digital camcorders.

How could a digital camcorder be useful to students and professional business?

Answering "How could a digital camcorder be useful to students and professional business?"

What are the two types of zoom on a camcorder?

Optical and digital. With optical zoom, the camera uses lenses to magnify objects. In digital zoom, the camera's built-in software creates a magnified image.

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