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Chances are either the ground connection is bad, or you have the wrong type of tubes installed in it.

Shop light fixtures generally need tubes made specifically for them; a normal rapid start tube won't reliably start in it, especially when humidity is high.

Humidity being the key variable you mentioned, it can produce the intermittent operation you refer to. Check all wires in the wire nut splices carefully for for signs of oxidation. All wires and connections should have a shiny bright surface. Clean or cut back wire to find good clean strands and reconnect. Check contacts on ballasts and pins on the tubes too. Don't neglect the sockets, as they are often not tinned, and tend to go first. A little CRC 2-12 or similar electrical spray on a rag to wet the contacts will prevent future oxidation- for a while at least. If you have high humidity routinely, put a bit of silicone into the wire nuts to keep moisture out in the future.

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Q: Why won't fluorescent shop lights start or just glimmer when the humidity is high and what can you do about it?
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