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Why won't iTunes load playlists from Media player?

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The Windows Media Player and iTunes use different formats for their playlists. Depending on which version of Media Player you have you can save your playlist as an .m3u file type and then import that into iTunes using the menus - File/Library/Import playlists

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How do you load music on iPod from iTunes to Media Monkey from a computer?

u switch it

I want to download aerosmith dont want to miss a thing onto my computer?

Go to itunes Rhapsody or other stores that you can dopwn load songs. or buy the album it is on and download it to the media player or itunes

What is on iTunes?

itunes is a music library for ipod. There is music, photos, movies, podcasts, apps, itunes store, playlists, and genius (a kind of automated dj for music) You can buy music, check stuff out on the itunes store. You can load Cds onto your itunes and have the music to put on your ipod. Hope this helped, let me know if i left anything out! :)

How do you convert a DVD to iTunes?

I always use Daniusoft media convert ultimate. It helps load DVD or virtual DVD folder and convert to iTunes supported files M4V or M4A.

How do you load video to iTunes?

If you have a video on your computer that you want to load into iTunes you can simply drag the video's icon into the iTunes icon in the dock.

Does anyone still use Real Media Player?

No, Real technologies has, alongside Real Media Player, fallen behind the competition. Flash has become the standard, as it's something most people have installed already and can buffer and load faster than Real did for most people. For local playback, iTunes, Windows Media Player and VLC are some of the biggest names right now.

How do you load music on iPhone?

With itunes. Plug your iphone into iTunes and sync the songs in your itunes to your iphone.

How Do You Download Songs to an MP3 player From LimeWire?

If you have a Mac computer, search on iTunes for the music you just downloaded from Limewire. You can load it to your MP3 player from there.

How do you download music to mp3 player?

Open your mp3 player on your computer as you would a removable disc (Like a thumb drive), place the music you want into the appropriate folder, and there you have your music on your mp3 player. If you have an Apple product you will need to download Itunes to load any music, and if your mp3 player came with its own program then you will have to load the program to load the player.

Can you load music on a iphone?

yes you can, with itunes.

Why cant you play htm files on windows media player?

An HTML file is for web browsers only. It is not a media file at all. But you can have HTML files load media and have them play it in your browser.

How do you put music from iTunes onto your ipod nano?

Load the music files into iTunes, and select "Synchronize".

How can you record music onto a data disc so that it plays on a regular CD player?

Load the songs in Windows Media Player then click on the Burn tab.

How do you play songs on your mp3 player directly on windows media player without it needing to download or convert all the songs like winamp?

If its a windows formated device it should automatically come up in your window media player. Try updatedin windowns media player or going into my computer right click on your mp3 player and select open with.. Windows Media or something there is a load of option you can do. from the right clikc point.

How do you load an autobook into a MP3 player?

you cant, it is an mp3 player sorry. --------------------------------------------WBJB-------------------------------------------------- However, if you have a sansa MP3 player, then you pop in the CD into the computer, connect Sansa to the computer, rip it from Media Player to your MP3 player.

Where do you find out how to load your ipod?

the only way you can load your ipod with stuff like music videos photos is by itunes so first download that then connect your ipod and then you can easily load stuff for more information

How do you download music to a Craig 1gb cmp1240d?

All i had to do with mine was to hook it into a usb port and it loaded automatically. mine came with a disk, but my windows vista automatically found the software online. then i was able to load songs from my playlists in windows media player. One feature that have really liked is that it will scramble my play list onto the player if i want it to so i have it recharge and refresh the songs while it is charging, this is pretty neat for a $15.00 player. I hope you have as much fun with yours as i have with mine.

How do you load music from radio to iTunes?

you can't. when you are listening to the radio use the shazam application and find what song it is. You have to get the song off itunes

How do you load itunes on nexus 7?

iTunes is an apple only program, so it is impossible to install it on your Nexus 7. Fortunately, there are other options available such as Google Music, Spotify, and Beats Music.

What takes itunes so long to load?

your Internet connection must not be that good

How do you watch movies on realplayer?

RealPlayer is a free media player. To watch movies on RealPlayer, simply right click on a saved movie on your computer and choose to open with RealPalyer. If you are watching a movie from a DVD on your PC, it will automatically load in RealPlayer if you have it set as your default media player.

Why does your computer freeze when you plug in your mp3 player?

Sometimes the computer may have a hard time reading your mp3 and for me, it takes forever to load my itunes, so maybe its just the mp3s...

Where can one find videos for an iPod Nano?

The seventh generation iPod Nano allows users to load videos and other media through iTunes on their PC or Mac. Unfortunately the device is not Wifi enabled and requires a tethered connection.

How do you upload movies into your ipod?

you must down load it from itunes. when you do that you must make sure that you have enough GB to down a movie. if not it will not down load.

How do you import songs from a CD onto windows media player?

When you insert a disk into your computer, if the disk drive works correctly and the disk is identified, a prompt should come up asking if you would like to "Rip Audio CD to Windows Media Player," or something similar like: "Rip to Windows Media Player." Windows Media Player should then load and you should have the option to click on certain checkboxes next to the songs that you would like to add to your library and then have the option to rip.