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Ther are lots of things that could cause this problem. First, check the switch inside and at the door using a multitester. If both are working properly, check the motor. You can also use the multitester or get a portable 12V power source and connect it to the motor to see if its working. If the motor turns, check the control module, its hidden behind the left side plastic trim next to that small compartment. To access it you need to remove the trim. Check the module for burnt will cost you to get a new module..the cheapest way is to go to some wrecking yard.....Good Luck.. Another good look is to just listen at the door. If you hear the motor running but nothing is moving then the clutch mechanism is busted and you need to replace the motor. It is a whole unit and is about a hundred bucks online. You can do a temporary repair but you will need to replace the thing.

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2006-07-27 00:55:13
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Q: Why won't my 1995 Toyota 4Runner Rear Window Go Up?
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