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Why won't my 2000 Daewoo Leganza start it is getting fuel and turns over?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-11 02:35:15

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well in the case its getting fuel and turns over this may be a sparkplug problem so change wires and plugs she should start after normally it goes batt,air,fuel,spark

2006-08-11 02:35:15
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2001 Daewoo leganza with starting issues Daughter was driving and went over RR tracks and an eight th of a mile it quit Turns over but don't think it is getting fuel Any suggestions?

fuel shut off switch by front passenger door.

What if your daewoo matiz turns over but wont start?

If it turns over and will not start you are lacking either spark or fuel. That is about all the information I can give you with the information you have provided.

What could be wrong with 2001 Leganza Car won't start Spark plugs good Wires good Car turns over but won't start?

mine did the same thing when the timing belt broke

1994 cavalier turns over but will not start?

check if it is getting fire

The engine turns but doesn't start on a 1993 Ford Explorer how do I make it start?

It is getting fuel/spark/ compression?

Have a 1982 ford f150 it turns over but will not start what could it be?

wont, start,change punp,not getting gas

What is wrong with a car if it turns over but wont start?

It is either getting no fuel or no spark.

You have been told there is a reset switch on the Daewoo Matiz under the dashboard anyone know exact position car turns over but will not start?

maybe under the front seats

If you have encountered an intermittent fault with the factory-fitted immobilizer on a Daewoo Matiz that only becomes noticeable when the engine turns but does not start - how was it resolved?

reset the immobliser using a scan tool.

Turns over but won't start and smells like it's flooding?

probably getting too much fuel and flooding

Why wont your 1995 ford f-150 turn over but not start?

If your engine turns over but doesn't start it is either not getting fuel , spark , or air

Your 2002 suburban turns over but will not start what can be the problem?

A 2002 Suburban that turns over but will not start is not getting fuel to the injectors, the ignition system is defective, or the spark plugs are worn out. Performing a full tune-up of the engine will solve most of these issues.

Your 1987 jeep Cherokee started and then stopped And now you cant get to restart it turns over it is getting gas but wont start?

is your timing off? are you getting any spark at all?

1993 Chevy pickup and you cant get the truck to start it turns over and that's about it can someone please help you with this?

is it getting gas ? do you have spark?

Why won't Daewoo Lanos won't fire or fuel pump won't work?

i don't know about the daewoo but most vehicles have a switch "in case of an accident" that turns off the fuel pump. find out where your switch is and make sure it is set "or reset". that should make your pump come on to start the car. may want to check your fuses or not blown also to the pump.

Why wont your 83 ford crown vic start it turns over but wont fire up also no spark is getting to the spark plugs?

Since no spark, start with the coil!

2004 Chevy Colorado engine turns over but wont start what could be the source if it will not jump start?

Clean the terminals on the battery and cables. You might not be getting good contact.

Mercedes Benz 1997 E320 turns over but wont start?

A 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 that turns over but won't start may not be getting enough fuel or may have no spark. Connecting the vehicle to an OBDII code reader will help diagnose the problem.

The engine turns over when you try to start your 1987 tercel but wont start it wont accept a jump start either What should you try next?

Okay, crank it. No start...are you getting fuel? If so, check for spark. If you are getting spark and fuel, check to see if your timing is correct. After that, I'm really not sure...if you are getting gas and spark, then the thing should fire up.

Why wont a suzuki quadrunner start Its getting gas and fire it turns over fine but it won't even backfire?

check the adjustment of your valves

What do you check if a 2001 Chevy Malibu turns over but will not start and it is not the fuel filter or pump?

check and make sure you are getting spark to coils!!

1990 Nissan 240sx eng turns over but won't start?

nissan 240sx. it turns over but wont start

How would you know if someone turns against you?

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92 Plymouth voyager wont start engine light comes on and turns over but wont start?

It's usually one of two things: 1. You aren't getting any spark so you will want to start at the distributer cap. 2. You aren't getting any gasoline so you will want to start at the fuel pump.

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