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Why won't my 97 rav4 start after it rains?


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2010-02-04 01:22:50
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My 1997 Rav-4 had this problem too. I had new spark plugs and wiring put in and this cleared up the issue!

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i have one and if it wont start change the oil

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if it is cranking but wont start check for spark, fuel, air and compression.

well you bloddy air head, because it needs gas to start!

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If your 97 GMC Suburban won't start when it is hot outside, check the distributor cap to ensure it is clean. You should also ensure it has plenty of coolant.

You need to charge your battery or get a jump. Replace the battery or have it checked because it is dead.

When a car won't start the first thing to check is the battery. If it is not the battery then check the gas. If neither are the issue call a mechanic.

check the relay for the engine control computer, and the tps and maf sensors

my Nissan sentrs 1997 that wont start i think its the alarm systerm how do i overide the systerm

If a 1997 Nissan Maxima will crank but will not start, there could be a problem with the fuel pump. Another possibility is an issue with the ignition switch.

Hold the gas pedal in and slowly let it out, holding it if it wants to die.

You need a spark, a fuel / air mixture supply to have combustion in the combustion chamber.

Normally this is caused by some electronic part overheating and then failing. Can be the coil, or another sensor.

There may be many reasons why a 97 Plymouth Breeze won't start after running it out of gas. Even after you've put gas back in, if the spark plugs are bad or the battery is dead, the car will not start.

Jump start the car then go to auto parts store they will check the battery for you and let you know what the problem is.Most likely the battery is shot.

Between the exhaust manifold and the muffler, under [usually] the right side of vehicle.

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