Why won't my Pokemon GO to the vs seeker in GPXplus?

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It may only go once a day unless you have a specific item that will let it go twice.
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Where is the vs seeker on pokemon firered?

go to vermillion city and go to the Pokemon center and to talk to the girl there she will give it to you This cool gadget can be used to let trainers re battle you this is great for training your pokemon! It is in the Vermillion city HP place... talk to the lady standing by the counter...

How do you get the vs seeker in pokemon leafgreen?

Go in the vermilion city Pokemon center and talk to the girl near the nurse she will give you the VS Seeker. Vermilion city poke centre. Chick with purple hair. If it is the same ad fire red

How do you get the vs seeker?

In Vermilnion city, if you into the pokemon center there is a girl i front of the desk, if you talk to her she gives you the vs seeker

How do you get the vs seeker on leafgreen?

In Pokemon leaf green, you get the vs. seeker from a cooltrainer female in front of the counter in the Pokemon center at Vermilion City.

How do you get a vs seeker on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In the Vermillion City Pokemon Center,next to Joy in front of the counter theres a lady with purple hair.Talk to her. you dont get it . in vermillion city in the poke center there a lady at the couter talk to her

How do you get a vs seeker?

But you do not get the vs seeker in blue red and yellow I've tried many times and none of them gave me anything so i was like what is this i want a vs seeker so i went online and found out that there are no vs seeker

Where do you find the Vs Seeker in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Once you arrive in Cerulean City, go to the Nugget Bridge. Gary will talk to you and give you a v.s seeker (I'm not sure if Cerulean City is the exact location, because I beat Leaf Green 3 yrs ago).. Answer . You actually get the VS Seeker in Vermilion City. You enter the Pokemon Centre there an ( Full Answer )

Where to find a vs seeker in Pokemon firered?

you get it in Vermillion City's Pokemon Center. The girl wit the blue hair has it, okay? . \nThe girl with the blue hair in the Pokemon Center wiht the blue hair at Vermillion City gives you one. . Go to Vermillion City ..... In the pokemon centre there will be a woman standing next to ( Full Answer )

Where to get vs seeker in Pokemon pearl?

Ehn you get your bike and visit the underground man, you will go t o the cycling road. When you getting ready to get on the road, Don will come and ask you whitch hand to pick. It doesn't matter whitch hand you pick, you will get it.

Where is the vs seeker on Pokemon LeafGreen?

in the vermilion Pokemon center there should be a girl with blue hair so when you talk to nurse joy she should be right next to you hope this helped you because i also had trouble i talked to like 100 people and finally found her

Where is the vs seeker on Pokemon Emerald?

Well, i dont know. I just sent this to annoy you. sorry. it is trainers eyes if it has a pokeball that means they want to fight you so its just like a versus seeker

How do you train Pokemon in Pokemon yellow without a vs seeker?

You can train your Pokemon by battling Wild Pokemon, fight newTrainers, or fight new Gym Leaders. It is recommended that if youare going to battle wild Pokemon, you should fight Pokemonrelatively close to your Pokemon's level. Fighting new Trainerswill provide more Experience Points than fighting wi ( Full Answer )

Where is the vs seeker in Pokemon Platinum?

When your about to enter Mt Cornet to go to Entra city Dawn pops up when you are about to enter she will say what hand do you choose the vs seeker is in the right hand

Can you get a vs seeker in Pokemon shiny gold?

When you start the game in beta 4 your mom gives you the Pokegear which is supposed to have it. You can read it here: "At the beginning of the game when your mom gives you the pokégear (VS Seeker)." http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=74447&page=201

Where is vs seeker in Pokemon ruby?

To get the vs seeker you have to beat the battle tower atleast 40 times in order to recive the \/s seeker..... GL!! :D

How do you get vs seeker on Pokemon HeartGold?

There's a different way of rebattling trainers in HGSS. After beating certain trainers, you talk to them to get their phone number. You call them on certain days for a rematch. Or if they haven't changed it since Gold, they'll call you.

What is the best place to use vs seeker in Pokemon fire red?

The best place to use it especially if you want easy money is on the northeast cost of 5 island. There are 2 twins who give you either 20000 or 19600 when you beat them if your Pokemon is holding an amulet coin

Where to use the vs seeker in Pokemon FireRed?

you use it around any trainers who you've already fought. i dont think it works in gyms but most trainers on routes it works for. a really good spot is the bike trail right by celadon with all 5 of them at once. you have to see the trainers for it to work

Where do you get the vs seeker on Pokemon Ruby?

the answer is no!. in Pokemon ruby they swaped the vs seeker for the pokenav trainers eyes after beating petalburg gym look on trainers eyes on your pokenav and if they have a pokeball symbol next to their name that means they want to battle it will give the trainers location and what they look like ( Full Answer )

Where do you get a vs seeker?

For FireRed and LeafGreen, you receive it from a girl in the Vermillion City Pokemon Center. For Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, you receive it after you get your bike and go down Cycling Road. You will meet Dawn/Lucas, and they will give you both the VS Seeker and the Dousing Machine.

How do you get a legendary Pokemon egg in GPXPlus?

Legendaries are usually obtained from "events" on the website. Every time a new month begins, a new notice about events are posted in the site's header. If you follow the directions posted in tat notice, then you are eligible to receive on of the Legendary Pokemon. There aren't any guarantees on whe ( Full Answer )

Where do you obtain the vs seeker in Pokemon ruby?

There is no vs seeker in ruby, use your pokenav to check trainers eyes this page will show pokeballs near trainers that want to rematch you talk to those trainers to rematch them.

How do you use the vs seeker on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to inventory (your bag), and select your vs seeker. Press the A-button to activate. You must have some trainers nearby (in your field of vision) to be able to challenge them.

What Pokemon will you get if you use the enigma stone and what is the egg description for it on gpxplus?

You would be able to get any one of the summonable legendaries but its completely random. Lugia - A white egg with two bizarre light purple patches. It radiates a mysterious power. It sometimes seems like its presence causes the clouds in the sky to turn dark grey. Ho-oh - An orange egg with two ( Full Answer )