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I won't give the first answer that came to mind because it was quite sarcastic but it had something to do with "what in God's name your radio still working had to do with your car not starting." I'll assume that, because you mentioned your radio still working, you think it has something to do with the battery. So assuming that your car won't start because the battery is dead, the radio doesn't take much to run so even though the battery doesn't have enough of a charge to turn the starter over, it usually still has enough juice to run a stereo. By the way, I'm also assuming that you're referring to the battery because it's really the only thing I can think of that would have ANYTHING to do with both the radio and the car not starting. I'll make one more assumption and say that you must not have a lot of mechanical experience. I assume that because there ARE an innumerable number of reasons your car may not be starting even though your radio works. I will try to help though. First, if your car isn't turning over when you turn the key, it could be the battery. If it just clicks it's also the battery or possibly the starter solenoid. If it is a battery issue, it's either because the battery is old and just needs replaced or the alternator isn't working and therefore isn't charging the battery. OK, getting away from the battery, which I'd have no idea why you'd associate the car not starting with the radio still working if it wasn't a battery issue but I'll give you a few simple possibilities. You always try the cheap ones first. Like I said, these are ALL if the battery and alternator aren't the problem. First thing to check is to make sure it has gas. Don't just rely on the gauge because gauges fail. It's not likely, but just make sure it has gas in it. Next check the spark plugs, which requires another assumption and that is that this IS NOT a diesel engine. Along with the spark plugs, check the plug wires and make sure they are pushed all the way on. If the car hasn't had a tune-up in quite a long time, it could very well be the spark plugs. If all the wires are pushed all the way on, then remove the spark plugs and check to see if they are fouled (blacker than the rest or wet, which if they're wet then you are just flooding it while you try and start it). A combustion engine requires two things to start, fuel and spark. The two things I recommended, other than the battery are the easy things to check. If anything else is stopping it from getting fuel, like the carberater, or fuel pump or it isn't getting spark from something other than spark plugs, like the distributor, the coil, or timing belt, you need a mechanic to look at it. If none of the things you are able to check work and you can't bring it to a mechanic then just look at it this way, you have a musical paper weight.

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Q: Why won't my car start even though the radio works?
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