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Why won't new starter on 1985 Chevrolet 454 motorhome ngine engage?

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2006-07-01 05:39:22

Starters are made specifically for certain engine and

transmission combinations. The snout of the starter must be the

correct length for the worm gear to engage the ring gear. If you

have the wrong starter, the worm gear will not engage properly. If

the ring gear is damaged, the starter might be operating properly,

but have no teeth to engage. If the solenoid is not working, the

starter motor will spin, but the worm gear will not be pushed

forward to engage the ring gear. Remove the starter, and visually

check the ring gear for missing teeth. If the ring gear appears to

be intact, take the starter back to the place where it was

purchased and have it tested. If the starter tests good, check the

solenoid wiring on the vehicle to insure that the solenoid is being

energized. If all of these steps fail to identify the problem,

return the starter and get a different starter out of stock and

compare them. You might have a mislabeled starter.

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