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Here is advice: * Blown fuse or possibly the blower must also be turned on. * i would check the fuse for a/c . failing this i would test the switchin car , then check wiring at compressor

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What is the purpose of a crankcase heater on a compressor

What kind of head pressure would you experience if the condenser fan motor became inoperative

What are the three letters on a compressor terminal block

What type of air conditioning coolant is used for a 1995 mercury sable

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Q: Why won't the compressor engage on a 2001 4Runner when the AC button is pressed?
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How do you recharge the ac on a 1995 Mazda MPV if the compressor won't engage how do you make it engage?


What happens if the electrical connector is not connected to the ac compressor?

The a/c clutch will not engage and the compressor will not come on.............

My 1998 Camaro's AC compressor will not engage the fuses and relay are all good Any ideas?

This could be because you have a leak in you A/C system causing a loss of freon. When there is not enough freon in your system the A/C compressor will not engage, it will harm the compressor.

What happens if there is no voltage applied to the clutch?

An air conditioner clutch will not engage without voltage. If it doesn't engage, the compressor will not turn.

How do you engage the AC clutch to refill the system?

You don't need to engage the compressor clutch to recharge the system. In fact, you shouldn't engage it without refrigerant and oil in it, because the refrigerant carries the compressor oil in order to lubricate the compressor. But, to answer your question, you disconnect the low pressure switch, and run a jumper wire between the two female ends of the connector.

The ac compresser well not engage when ac switch is on?

Most Likely refrigerant charge is low -- compressor will not engage unless system has proper pressure

Why won't your deck engage on mower?

transmission won't engage when you push the button on john deer 155c automatic

Why air conditioning compressor clutch engage and disengage every second?

This happens to keep the fluid in the compressor viable. If it sits too long, it can become unusable.

If the AC compressor clutch does not kick in and the relay and fuse are ok what could be the problem?

The clutch receives it's signal to engage from a pressure switch in the system. If there is insufficient refrigerant in the system the pressure switch will not close resulting in no power at the compressor clutch to make it engage.

What is making Wheel tightens when defroster is on?

It sounds like you have a very tight running or bad a/c compressor since most all systems will engage the compressor when the defroster is on...............

How do you test the ac compressor?

You should be able to hear it engage-there is a clutch. If not, check the hot wire when someone turns on with a test light. If it has juice & does not engage, you may have a problem.

What is the mg clutch relay in a 2002 Acura MDX?

thats the relay to engage the a/c compressor clutch

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