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Distributors have a "key" to make sure the cap goes back on the right way. Make sure the key is lined up properly and the bolt should be able to do it's job.

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Q: Why won't the distributor hold down bolt go all the way back in after having just removed it?
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56 Chevy pick up loose distributor?

At the base of the distributor, there is a tab, with a bolt in it. Tightening or loosening this bolt, will do the same, with the distributor. The distributor, by the way, times the motor, so, you will need to retime it.

How do you remove Volvo 240 distributor?

At the base of the distributor is a pinch bolt. Loosen the bolt and pull it out. When re-installing the distributor, pay attention to the notch on the base of the distributor. It will only fit one way.

I cant turn the distributor counter clockwise to advance the timing it will not budgeEven with bolt blasterHow do you get it to turn1989 mustang lx?

Have you loosened the retaining bolt? That is the bolt that holds the distributor in place.

How do Iget your distributor cap off against firewall 1975 silverado?

You will have to get a short screew driver to get to the back distributor cap locks. Are you can mark the distributor and then loosen the hold down bolt and rotate it so you can get to the locks on the cap.

How do you remove and install a distributor in a 1965 Ford Mustang with a 289 V8 engine?

Remove the distributor cap. Remove the bolt in the clamp holding the distributor base to the motor, using a 1/2 inch box-end wrench. lift the distributor straight up. Note the orientation of the rotor. When reinstalling the distributor you'll need to stick it back in there with the rotor pointing in the same direction or the timing will be way off. The rotor will rotate slightly as the distributor goes back in. Also, the oil pump drive shaft is driven by a hex shaped hole in the bottom of the distributor. You have to wiggle it around a bit to get the distributor to slide down onto the oil pump drive shaft. Once you get it back in snug up the clamp bolt, put the cap back on the distributor, start the car and check the timing with a timing light. Adjust as needed by rotating the distributor. When the timing is right, and you do in fact have oil pressure, tighten up the clamp bolt.

How do you pull a distributor on a Chevy 1977 pickup 350?

One bolt at the rear of the intake manifold holds a clamp that is shaped like a Y. Remove the bolt, take the clamp off and slightly twist or rock the distributor back and forth and lift it straight up.

Cant find bolt to loosen distributor 1983 Dodge d150 w 318 and electronic fuel thing on air cleaner?

That's not a fuel thing, it is your electronic ignition. Your distributor bolt is under the distributor, if you're standing on the right side (passenger,) it's hard to see under there, but it's there. If you look closely you will see a fork like plate under the distributor the bolt is to the out side of it. The bolt is 1/2 in, you need a distributor wrench.

How do you remove the bolt from an old 22 caliber Marlin Model 81 rifle?

The bolt is removed from a Marlin model 81 by first opening the bolt completely, then while holding the trigger back all the way, continue to pull the bolt the rest of the way back. Sometimes it is necessary to hold the trigger back while re-inserting the bolt.

How do you dissassemble a Stevens 416 bolt?

Open the bolt and rack it back. Hold back the trigger. The bolt should slide easily backwards until it detaches from the rifle. If you have a rear sight that blocks the bolt from being removed, simply rotate the bolt handle clock-wise to get it passed the sight and remove as usual.

Which way do you turn the distributor on a ford 302 to advance the timing?

Loosen the distributor hold-down bolt. Standing in front of the vehicle looking at the engine turning the distributor clockwise advances the timing. Turning the distributor counter-clockwise is retarding the timing. Hold the distributor steady while tightening the hold-down bolt. Factory hold-down bolt needs a 1/2 inch wrench.

What size are the bolt heads on the 1996 Dodge Ram distributor cap?

the bolts holding the distributor cap is a 7mm

Excessive play in distributor?

you need to tighten the bolt on the side of it

How do you set the timing on a 91 Seville?

Warm your engine up before doing anything. Open the hood and remove the bolt from the distributor. Hook a timing light to the first cylinder and point it to the harmonic balancer. Rotate the distributor until it aligns with the 10 degree mark, then add the bolt back and tighten it.

Where is the latch for the bench seat back on a 1989 GMC Truck?

The bench seat back on a 1989 GMC uses an inertial locking system which automatically locks the seat back upon sudden deceleration. The latches are located on the pivot assembly on each end of the full seat back. I found that my seat back would not unlatch because a piece of rope had been pinched between the latch and the latch frame. To unlock the seat, I removed the pivot bolt by exposing it from the outboard seat upholstery (simply lift the upholstery to locate the pivot bolt and remove the bolt with a 5/8 inch socket wrench. Once the pivot bolt was removed, the seat back could be pulled forward and the offending rope was removed. Replacing the pivot bolt restored the seat back to normal operation.

How do you removed the bolt on a mossberg 410 model 183 kc?

make sure gun is unloaded (of course) & squeeze trigger while sliding bolt back, it will slide right out... squeeze trigger to replace bolt also.

How do you remove the distributor on a 4 cylinder Chevrolet Celebrity?

To remove the distributor on your Chevy Celebrity 2.5L 4 cylinder engine: 1, Set the timing to the number one cylinder in the firing position. 2. Remove the distributor cap and put out of the way. If you take out any of the spark plug wires make note of where to put them back. 3. Loosen and remove the retainer clamp and its bolt. 4. Pull the distributor out of the block. To reinstall the distributor reverse the instructions. You will need to re-time the engine when you put the distributor back in.

How do you remove the bolt action on a 30-30 model 340 savage?

Hold down the safety switch and gently pull the bolt out, and a 1/4 turn on bolt at point where it sticks. On the Savage 340's. With clip out and safety off pull back the bolt as if you are chambering a round till bolt is all the way back. Pull trigger back fully and slide bolt out while trigger still depressed. To reinstall hold trigger back fully and slide bolt back in same position it was removed.

Where is mounting bolt for distributor on 305 1993 Chevrolet v8?

There is a tapped hole next to the distributor hole in the intake manifold.

How do you re move the bolt from a western field m842a?

First you need to remove the stock, then behind the bolt is a plastic piece. There is a metal lever you pull down on it, after you pull it down pull the piece back while holding the lever. After the piece is removed open the bolt and pull it back.

How to set time on 94 s10 blazer 4.3 vortex. where is the dist. bypass wire locate.?

The distributor by-pass wire, seems to be the wire that runs from the distributor to the ECM module. Just disconnect it and retime, then plug it back in. If you have checked Top Dead Center on number 1 piston then all you have to do is move the distributor cap by untightening the 9/16's bolt below the distributor housing. This will allow you to rotate the distributor with the cap on to increase or decrease the rpm's at idle. You will need to tighten the bolt holding the distributor metal plate down after Idle is running smooth or the distributor will move when the vehicle is shut off. To remove the wire from the back of the ECM (Electronic Control Module) you will need to remove the distributor cap and two connectors that run to the coil pack from the distributor.

How do you advance the timing on a 1988 Honda Accord lxi?

The base of distributor has three bolts, 2 have adjustment slides so just loosen them up the third must be removed to adjust timing, put back the third bolt when done. Good Job, you may email me ,,,

How do you pull distributor on 95 Chevy 350?

should be a 9/16 bolt on a retainer looks like a Y on the distributor and its bolted to the intake remove the bolt and retainer take the distributor cap off leave the wires on unless you mark the cap and corresponding wire

How do you remove a 2002 Toyota Camry alternator?

My 2004 alternator on the V6 has three fasteners that have to be removed to remove the alternator. The pivot bolt,the stay bolt and the adjustment bolt. Once you loosen the pivot bolt and the stay bolt, the adjustment bolt can be turned back to loosen the belt enough to remove the other bolts for alternator removal.

How do change the ignition rotor on 1992 Nissan truck?

unscrew the 2 screws that hold the distributor cap on,put aside,then,get a10 mm wrench,remove bolt holding rotor on,then put on and put bolt back on and tighten.

How do you remove the distributor on a ford 351?

Should have a horseshoe type locking bolt at the bottom side of distributor--remove and twist to lift out