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Why won't the dome light go off in a 97 Cavalier?

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One of the reasons that could keep it from going off is that you have the dome light on, on your headlight switch turned on, or one of your door switches broke. Its gotta be either one or the other.

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How do you replace the dome light bulb in a 2002 Chevy cavalier?

You can replace the dome light bulb in a 2002 Chevy Cavalier by first prying the dome light cover off of the light. Then, remove the bulb and replace it by twisting the bulb from the socket.

Why wont the dome lights work on your 2010 expedition?

The main dome light control switch is turned off.

How do you turn off the antitheft light in a 1997 cavalier?

i change the battery put in new one ,know the antitheft light is on and the car wont start

Dome light won't go off in 2004 cavalier?

Check for a defective door switch that has become ground against body or headlight switch

How do you get the ETS off light to turn off in your 1999 z24 cavalier?

It wont turn off. It stays on just to let you know that your car isn't losing traction.

Dome light wont go off in 97 ford f150?

Spray some WD-40 on all the inside door jams this will fix the problem.

How do i Remove dome light cover 1997 cavalier?

Turna 3yo loose in you car and they will have it off in no time. or you can grasp it with one hand and squeeze it. Pops right out. Reinstall same way.

How do you fix the dome light in a 2003 cavalier when it turns on and off when it wants to even when I am driving?

it has a bad connection with aground or you have problem with swith or your outlet foryour bubb is bad good luck

2002 gmc savana interior light wont shut off?

On the same switch you use to turn on the headlights, there is a dome override button that you press and then you can play with the dash lights to make them brighter. This should turn the light off.

How do you get a 97 Camry's dome light cover off?

There are no screws in the dome light cover of a 1997 Toyota Camry. You can pry the cover off with a flat bladed screw driver.

2004 Chevy cavalier brake lights wont shut off?

The brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment. The brake light switch is attached to the brake pedal lever above the brake pedal pad.

Dome light will not go out on 1997 BMW 318?

Take the light out. You might have a bad switch in the door frame. When the door closes- it pushes a switch which I believe opens a circuit and shuts off your light. If the switch is bad it wont open the circuit and the light stays on.

How do you remove the dome from a light fixture?

Take the nut off at the bottom of the light fixture by unscrewing it.

How do you change the dome light on a Taurus - Sable?

Take the cover off the dome light with a flat head screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver carefully into the small indet in the back of the dome light. pry carefully and the cover will pop off. Pull the bulb out and snapo the new one in. For side bulbs you will need to use a Phillips screwdriver and remover the dome light from the ceiling after the cover is removed.

Why would the dome light on a 2003 Cavalier come on intermittently even when parked?

This should be covered under warranty. I'd take it to a dealer.This is probably due to some sort of electrical failure. It'd be fun to chase down. Easiest way to not kill your battery would be to pull the fuse for the dome light. You won't have a dome light, but your car will start in the morning too.AnswerEach door has a button switch that when the door is closed, the switch breaks the circuit for the dome light. When the door is opened, the switch is allowed to make the circuit for the dome light. The switches are usually located near the door hinges. They are held in place with a keeper nut. Check each switch for tightness. It should not wiggle or be loose. If the keeper nut backs off for some reason, the switch will become loose and when the door is shut, it may or may not break the circuit. So, check each of these switches and make sure each one is rock solid tight. AnswerDoor buttons are plastic on 2003 cavalier and do NOT have "keeper nuts". I had 1 damaged door pin but replaced both because 03 cavalier i just bought had dome light issue. Old pins get destroyed when removing no matter what. Everything was fine until i adjusted my dash lights via the dimmer switch which manually turns on/off dome light.. Now dome light flickers on and off so i am guessing it needs replacing..

What causes the dome light to pulse with the engine off?

Usually it turns out you left the warp core powered up. Turn it off and the saucer dome will stop.

In a Chevy cavalier what does it mean when the trac off light is on?

It means you have turned the Traction Control off.

Why won't a dome light turn off?

There should be a way to dim and brighten your dash lights. Its different for every car but if you turn it until it clicks your dome light should turn off. Dome llights are adjustable so make sure yours is in the position that when you close the door it turns off.

2002 impala dome light will not shut off.?

If the dome light will not shut off on a 2002 impala, check for a water leak in the roof that might interfere with the operation of the light. Also check for a bad connection with the ground wire or a short in the wires.

Where is the dome light switch on 2002 mercury cougar?

it is located on the light a switch that says 12sec on and off

Where are the switches for the dome light located on the doors of a 2004 Olds Alero The dome light will not shut off when the doors are closed but the light works from the switch at the light itself.?

The switches for the dome light on each door of a 2004 Olds Alero are at the front of the door. They are on the door frame where the door meets the frame when it is closed. If the dome light is staying on, try checking the dome light control by the headlight switch, also. It may have gotten bumped when entering the vehicle.

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