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Make sure you are getting power back to the pump - relay could be bad - could have lost your ground- Make sure fuel filter isn't plugged this is a quick death to fuel pumps. Not as bad for TBI as it is for direct fuel injection because it has alot higher operating pressure but still a killer of pumps. So is letting the tank get down below 1/4 of a tank the pump uses the liquid of the fuel to help cool itself and when its not submersed as much as possible it overheats and shortens its life.

Pump Wiring HarnessA loose or ill-fitting plug on pump could be it. Chevys are notorious for this issue. Check plug/ make sure harness and wires aren't worn or damaged. If wiring harness wasn't replaced during fuel pump replacement, that could also do it.

A power meter/tester should read a steady current to fuel pump harness when key is on.

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Q: Why won't the electric fuel pump in my 1990 Chevy G-20 van run as it was replaced two months ago along with the fuel pump relay and does anything else control the operation of the pump?
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