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Why won't the fan come on in your 85 Fiero?

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there are several reasons for fan failure . temperature rise is not enough to turn on the switches . or one of three switches isn't working two are near the thermostat and oneis on the block or the fan relay check haynes manual pg 121.

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How do you replace side windows on a 1986 fiero gt?

how do you replace side windows 85 fiero

How do you change an alternator in 85 fiero-V6?

The torque strut mount must come out along with the mount to remove the alternator

Can you put power steering in an '85 Pontiac Fiero that did not come with it?

It is possible It has been done It is both very difficult and expensive.

How do you remove 85 fiero gt door moulding?

how do you remove rear window 85 feiro

Where can you find a vacuum line diagram for your 85 Pontiac fiero?

You can find a vacuum line diagram for your 85 Pontiac Fiero in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also find it at different auto part stores.

Do you need the EGR valve in 85 fiero gt?

It is required by law in some places and if you block it off the check engine light will occasionally come on.

85 Fiero 2.8L V6 overheating?

i have a 85 fiero gt. i had the same problem. the coolant would boil out of the coolant tank. turns out the thermostat was bad. it cost me 20 dollars at autozone and was easy to replace. hope this helps

What could drain the battery from my 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT?

on my 85 fiero gt the light down by the pedals stayed on all the time, so we just took it out

Where is the trunk relay located in a 85 fiero gt?

No relay, Power provided directly from switch.

Does the engine have to be replace on a 85 fiero when the timing bell is broken?

I am going to assume you mean timing belt. The Fiero does not come with a belt If the chain fails, there is usually no internal damage other than the chain, but the engine must be removed to service, unless you like doing it the hard way.

How do you change the alternator on an 85 fiero 2.8?

you'll probably have to drop the right rear tie rod

How fast does a Pontiac fiero go?

Best top speed for a stock V-6 Fiero: 135 mph Worst: 115 mph Both Fieros were '85 GT's, the latter with an automatic transmission.

Where is located the gas tank on a 85 Pontiac Fiero?

the tank is located in between the two passengers in the center console

Can you fit a Chevy 350 engine into a 85 Pontiac fiero?

YES! You can put ANY small block Chevy into a Fiero. Visit here, http://www.v8archie.com/, there you can find the conversion kit (minus the engine) and answers to all of your questions.

Where can you find trunk vents for 1986 Fiero GT?

You can try wrecking yards, I got a couple spares for my 85 GT from Pick-n-pull "The Fiero Store" lists them as in stock, they are a great on-line resource for a lot of stuff.

Twin Turbo Fiero I just purchased a 85 gt and was wondering if anyone has put twin turbos on their fiero and if so which ones did they go with I am looking at the Garretts any suggestions?

I would not attempt to put a twin turbo system on the fiero stock engine, as it will not be able to hold the boost. There is a company called designone.com they make single turbo kits for the fiero and they use Garrett and hks turbos, check them out.

How do you change the radiator fan in a 85 Honda Prelude?

Unscrew the bolts that connect the fans 2 the radiator then unplug the plugs and it should come out..

Why do you have a soft clutch pedal on your 85 Pontiac fiero?

1. Air in the hydrulic clutch line 2. Bent aluminum clutch pedal

Does a stock 85 Pontiac fiero gt have a fuel injector?

This engine will have seven injectors. 6 are the running injectors and there is a "Cold Start" injector.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1985 Pontiac fiero with a manual transmission?

There is no neutral safety switch on a 85 fiero with a manual transmission. There is a clutch pedal switch under the dash. The car will start in any gear, as long as the clutch pedal is depressed.

Can you use a fiero gt speedometer in a fiero se?

It depends on what Fiero SE you own. There are two types. The earlier SE models, '84-'86, used a 85 mph speedometer for the four cylinder engine. It would not be until the '87 V6 model that the SE cars received the 120 mph "GT", as it's called, speedometer assembly. If you already have a 120 mph speedometer in your Fiero SE, it will work just fine. If it's the 85 mph speedometer, it will not, and would read incorrectly until you perform the necessary modifications to make it act like a 120 mph speedometer should.

What is the best way to get the ignition lock out without keys The owner had no keys to this 85 Fiero.?

Keys are not necessary, but is not a DIY procedure. Contact a locksmith or mechanic

What can you divide by 85 and come out with no remander?

An infinite number of multiples of 85.

Can a v8 from a Bonneville fit an 85 fiero?

If GM made an engine someone has made a kit to put it into a fiero. V8's take more modification than most 4 and 6 cylinder engines, but it can and has been done. It won't be cheap or easy for a first timer.

Why wont a 85 celebrity start?

Please upgrade to a Nissan product. Thank you.

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