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Why won't the headlights come on in your 1993 Lumina APV?

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You have some kind of electrical problem that needs checked out.

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99 Buick century wiring diagram?

my headlights wont come on at night i changed the sensor and still not coming on

Why wont the brake lights work on my Mitsubishi montero when the i turn on the headlights?

Break lights come on when you step on the break, they do not come on when the head lights are turned on.

Headlights in Pontiac Sunfire will not turn on?

headlights and dash lights in 2001 sunfire wont turn on.

How come your 1993 BMW trunk wont lock?

The latch should be adjustable-it's not catching.

Why wont the car headlights come on?

If it's just one headlight, most likely, the bulb is burnt out, it's been installed incorrectly, or it's a fuse. If it's both headlights it could be the switch or a fault in the wiring.

Why wont tail lights work but headlights do?

my headlights work but my taillights and dash light dont work whats wrong

Why wont your lights come on at all you have a 1997 Ford Taurus?

This can be due to a bad headlight switch. If it goes bad, most of the time you have no dash lights or headlights

Headlights wont shut off?

check the headlight/multifunction switch

If a 97 GMC truck headlights are supposed to come on when you start the truck why don't they anymore?

Theres a fuse, called DRL, if that's missing or blown, or if the parking brake is depressed a tiny bit, they wont come on.

Headlights wont turn off on 1997 sable?

Replace your headlamp switch.

Why your headlights wont come on in a 1984 Cadillac eldorado?

There could be many reasons, but the first thing I would check is ARE BOTH HEADLIGHT STILL WORKING. As a tech I was once faked out till I found out there were 2 burned out headlights. Not always visibly dark bulbs.

Your 1992 mercury Capri xr2 headlights wont turn on sometimes but the switch that brings up the headlights always works the main headlight switch just wont turn on the headlights sometimes?

its got to be two things either your headlights or the headlight switch, theres no relay so straight power from the battery to the switch to the headlamps. just change your headlight and it should work.

Why wont your radio come on in 1993 jeep Laredo?

Possible causes include a blown fuse(s) or a failed radio.

BMW headlights wont turn offhow do i turn em off?

You have to go to the dealer and ask them to turn them off, otherwise they leave them on as running headlights. They will do this for free.

1997 Chevy Lumina repair manual?

transmission wont shift from low to high very good

Why wont my brights come on in my 1993 eagle talon?

Have you checked your fuses? Does your high beam indicator illuminate on the dash when you push the switch?

Why wont your 1997 Chevy lumina engine turn over but radio wiper headlights work and no spark?

Been having this problem myself with the exact car. It's the stupid "chip" key. Needs to be replaced/reprogrammed which can only be done at a Chevy dealership and can be quite expensive. Good luck.

97 lumina motor wont pump oil?

may need an oil pump may need a motor

Your 98 lumina quit driving going down the road it wont move in any gear the trans fluid is full it wont even jerk when put into gear any suggestions?

I have a 95 Lumina 3.1 and it would cut out of gear when I would stop, it turned out to be the sprag gear in the transmission. $$$$

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