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perhaps your tumbler has gone bad.

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Q: Why won't the key to open the trunk of your car work any more?
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Trunk does not open with button Lexus rx350?

interior trunk button wont work

How do you open the trunk manually on a Cadillac?

how do you open gas and trunk lids when button will not work or trunk key

Why wont the trunk button for Acura Legend work anymore?

Turn the trunk control switch on it is inside the glove box. Once you turn it on, press switch button on the driver door that open the trunk, good luck dude.

2001 ford focus the push button for the trunk wont work why?

There may be something blocking the trunk.

How do you open your 2006 Honda Accord trunk when the emergency lock will not work and the remote doesn't open it?

How do you open your 2006 honda accord trunk when the emergency lock will not work and the remote doesn't open it?

How do you open the gas cap of a Mercury Grand Marquis?

in the trunk on d/s is a bypass door opening cable if the incar cab lever wont work

Is there a manual way to open trunk at release when key or lever wont work on 1996 sunfire?

On my "96, the rear seatbacks fold forward to allow access to the trunk for long loads. You might be able to crawl in there and manualy open the trunk to find out what's wrong. If your seatbacks don't fold like mine, you might have to call a locksmith to get the trunk open. He can probably fix it for you too. FriPilot

How do you open a Mazda Protege trunk when the release does not work?

With the key.

How do you open the trunk of a 300Z if remote and key is locked in trunk and release mechanism does not work?

Call AAA.

How do you open the trunck of a Volvo 2000 s70?

Under the panel with the keyhole on the trunk, there is a handle to open it. If that doesn't work, in the driver side door, there is a button that shows a picture of the trunk opened. Press that and the trunk will open.

Why would only your trunk release button on your key remote stop working?

hi there. i have myself an xk8, 4l -97 model. from my experience if the Valet mode is activated is possible that the button wont work , to prevent the valet to open the trunk. to over run the valet mode, use the ignition key to open the trunk. regards cr4zy_jaguar

Why does the trunk not open by pushing the button on the inside of a 99 mercury cougar?

if i don't have the key to open the trunk or the push button does not work from the inside of the car to open the trunk of a 1999 mercury cougar, could i be able to bypass the button or switch to open it?

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