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The monitor is not powered by the computer. If there is not Signal to the monitor from the computer there will be no display, however the power to a monitor is supplied by a separate cord from the outlet to the monitor.

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Q: Why won't the monitor power up if the power supply and memory and graphics card are ok?
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What are the basic components of computer or basic features of computer?

Motherboard, Power Supply, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), CPU (Central Processing Unit), CD Drive, RAM (Random Access Memory), and a Computer Case along with Monitor!

What is a monitor power cable used for?

It is normally used to supply power to the monitor, which contains the screen. A monitor runs on the normal supply voltage for low-power devices, 120 v in the USA and 230 v in Europe.

What are parts of computer?

CPUMother BoardProcessorPower SupplyMain memoryHard DriveVideo CardMonitorKeyboardMouse

Can you buy a adapter to connect 1 monitor to CPU?

You need a graphics card for a monitor and this card needs a cpu, a cpu needs ram and a motehr board. all need a power supply. and all this together is call a computer.

Will more memory need a bigger power supply?

To add more memory cards you do not need a larger power supply. To add more hard drives for more memory storage space you might need to increase power supply.

When The power supply and monitor contain enough power to give you a strong shock except when they are unplugged true or false?

The power supply and monitor contain enough power to give you a strong shock except when they are unplugged.

Physical components of a computer system are?

Case Optical Drive CPU Graphics Card RAM Possibly a floppy drive Motherboard Power Supply Heatsink Mouse Keyboard Monitor

Can you use a graphics card that requires a power supply of 270watts on a machine with a power supply of 250watts?

I believe this would be unwise, it would overload the power supply and it may overheat.

What are 8 hardware parts of a computer?

Power supply Graphics card Cooling fan DVD drive Memory card Motherboard Hard drive Integrated sound system

The power supply and monitor contain enough power to give you a strong shock except when they are unplugged?

A computers power supply can cause a shock even when unplugged but it's not dangerous. The monitor stores enough power to kill for many years after being unplugged. Never open the case of a monitor.

My monitor is purple is it the graphic card.And when i play on a game the monitor goes to standby is the the graphics card to?

Yes, it's the graphics card... Without a shadow of a doubt... That happens because your computer's Power Supplies box is not powerful enough to support your Graphics Card. To solve the problem just remove the Graphics card. Then upgrade your power supplies box.

What is a list of the parts of a computer?

Motherboard,PSU (power supply unit), RAM (memory), Processor, hard drive, cd/dvd drive, fans, If the graphics are not onboard, video card, Case.

Types of computer hardware?

There is the power supply, hard drive, disk drive(s), USB drive, motherboard, processor, graphics card, sound card, monitor, SATA drives (if any), and many more.

Can a 800va UPS load an 550va PSU plus CRT monitor?

This is pushing it, but it might be possible. If the PC has a 550 Watt power supply, then if you monitor pulls 250 Watts or less, it should work. You would likely do better if you had a LED/LCD monitor with this PC and backup power supply. Of course, the 550 Watt power supply shouldn't be pulling that all the time.

Parts of desktop computer?

Processor Graphics card Sound Card (sometimes not needed) Motherboard (Usually has onboard graphics card and sound card) Hard Drive Ram Power Supply Case (mid Tower usually) Other: Keyboard Mouse Speakers (or Headphones) Monitor

Can a 800va UPS load an 550va PSU plus monitor?

Yes, an 800va UPS might power a PC with that size power supply and a monitor. Of course, to be on the safe side, you should use a modern monitor and not a CRT monitor.

What is the definition of internal?

internal means inside the case of the computer. some examples of internal devices are the CPU, graphics card, power supply and motherboard. External devices are things such as the mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor, etc.

How do I determine the power supply for a graphics card?

nvidia has info about selecting a power supply based on a PC and Graphics card setup. Obviously the best choice is to go to the manufacturers web site to find out how many Amps a particular card uses.

Graphic memory type that uses the system memory RAM instead of a dedicated graphics memory chip?

Integrated, or on-board graphics chips use system RAM instead of dedicated RAM. They are usually very low power, and not suitable for gaming.

Why do you have ripples in your monitor?

The internal power supply could be failing, allowing 60 hz power variations to get through.

What kind of connections do you need for a monitor?

This depends upon the type of monitor and graphics adapter you are using, but in most cases, it will be either a VGA port, or a DVI port that the monitor will need to be connected to. You will also need a power cord to provide power to the monitor. These cables are usually, though not always, included when you buy a new monitor.

What is needed to create a computer?

The materials needed to build your own computer are: * Tower/Case * Motherboard * Hard Drive * Processor * Heat sink and case fans if not included * CD/DVD Drive * Operating System * Memory * Graphics and Sound Card if not included * Power Supply * Mouse * Keyboard * Monitor * Any additional software you want on the computer

What are the elements in a computer?

A computer is a complex machine requiring a number of hardware and software elements to work perfectly. The basic elements of a computer would include a Mouse, CPU, Keyboard, Hard Disk, Monitor, Modem, Processor, Speakers and power Supply. Basic elements of a computer system are Mouse, Keyboard, monitor, memory, CPU, motherboard, Hard Disk, Speakers, Modem, power Supply, and processor.

What are the basic components of a computer?

The basic components of a computer include the hard drive, the motherboard, RAM (random access memory) chips, the processor, and the power supply. Also important are the case, the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse.

Is hardware inside or outside the computer?

It can be either. Inside or out. Inside examples are Case / power supply, Motherboard, CPU, Memory, Optical drive, Hard drive... outside examples are mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc...